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by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
'Help, help & hellip; … 'Is in jiading industrial zone auxiliary police zhu zhao village police hall room work siao, suddenly heard a cry for help from outside. What's happening? Zhu siao quickly ran out of the office, find voice came to a river and Chen jia group village villagers aunt to see Chen zhu Ye Hualai, hurriedly to the bank, tell him the man overboard! At this point, the people in the water has been slowly sinking, look down the aunt Chen has pointed out the direction of, with only one hand holding the river floating aquatic plants, one hand on the surface of the waving & hellip; Situation is very critical! Siao zhu said nothing, but ran to the river's edge 'water bridge', leaned out half of the body, a hugged them catching aquatic plants, is struggling, drag it to shore, after ashore, zhu siao take a closer look at them, electric batons, and a light pat on the back, calm mood, 'aunt, it's all right, all right, don't be afraid & hellip; … 'It turns out that the water is the villagers zhang aunt. Zhang aunt said she was a 'water bridge' washing, the river is muddy, a didn't pay attention to slip into the water, after falling into the water, more and they didn't have enough energy, the river was once covered her head & hellip; Fortunately, this time a young man appeared, and saved himself. Zhu siao see aunt zhang, after no matter remind her to go back and change the wet clothes, lest catch cold catch cold is ill; Save zhu siao did not consider themselves wet clothes, went back to work, continue to work as usual. After the event, change my clothes, emotional stability, aunt zhang, remembered that not thank the young man saved himself, zhang aunt said, you know that uniform, don't feel young man familiar name. So, he came to the village for help, trying to find the guy. A search, zhang aunt found help their auxiliary police zhu siao, and expressed gratitude to him. Zhu, said siao is oneself should do. It is known that zhu siao work in the village has been almost 2 years, 2 years, he devoted in work, to assist the community police for the security guard, management and mass work. This time, fortunately, zhu siao quickly rescued the drowning zhang aunt! That's great! @ jiading friends! For good auxiliary police zhu siao thumb up! @ jiading friends, you are around people like quiet devotion of auxiliary police siao zhu? To write messages and share small jia!
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