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Briefly describes the basic form of transformer ignition coil manufacturer

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
Transformers are used in almost all electronic products, its principle is simple but according to the use of different occasions ( Different purposes) Transformer winding process will have different requirements. The function of the transformer are mainly: voltage transformation; Impedance transformation; Isolation; Voltage ( Magnetic saturation of transformer) And so on, the commonly used iron core transformer shape generally have E type and C type iron core. The most basic type of transformer, including two groups around a coil of wire, and said in inductive way close to each other. When an alternating current ( With a known frequency) Just one set of the coil, in another group will be induced in the coil with the same frequency of the ac voltage, and the induced voltage depends on the two coil coupling and magnetic chain. Generally refers to connect ac power coil is called 'a coil (' 初级线圈) ; And across the coil voltage are called primary voltage. 」。 In the induction voltage of secondary coil may be greater than or less than primary voltage, is composed of a primary coil and secondary coil q 'turn ratio'. Therefore, divided into step-up and step-down transformer two kinds. Most are fixed iron core transformer, the round once with the secondary coil. Based on iron material with high magnetic conductivity, most of the magnetic flux is limited in the core, therefore, two sets of coil to can obtain a high degree of magnetic coupling. In some of the transformer coil and iron core between closely, the ratio of the primary and the secondary voltage is almost the same as the coil number of turns ratio of the two. Therefore, transformer turn ratio, generally can be used as a reference index of the step-up or step-down transformer. Because the function of the step-up and step-down transformer has become one of the modern electric power system important appendages, improve transmission voltage makes long-distance transportation more economic power, as for the step-down transformer, it makes more diversified power use, we can, if there is no transformer, the current development status of modern industrial solid cannot achieve.
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