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Bubble baths handbill: can side action ( figure

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20
Liu Yimo collection of soup wearing clogs 'kipper kipper' bubble into stone build by laying bricks or stones of hot spring bath pond, leisurely hum two words of min opera, bubble after wear good clothes, and then at the edge of the bath to bowl of hot pot paste, think of in the bath when I was a child, Liu Yimo call good enjoyment. Reporter Andrew chan Liu Shuo figure
as native provincein Liu Yimo to hot springs of friendship is this little by little with the passing years is becoming more and more strong. He said he was a 'hot point', and more years old, with eight years of time to collect a lot of items related to the fuzhou hot spring culture.
learned that fuzhou hot spring museum, Mr Mr Also get more precious collection exhibition, want to let the citizens can insight to the development of fuzhou hot spring culture.
yesterday, Mr Southeast press reporter walked into the 'hot point' home, listening to his telling his story with hot springs.
', 'hot springs to collect objects collections will display more
went to the house of the Liu Yimo saw many related to hot springs in the hall of calligraphy and painting works. Related to hot springs on the news reports are neatly cut and paste together. The desk of the study, stacked high with close to the card holder, open a look, there are fuzhou hot spring industry's VIP card or card and so on. In a window, also neat with some lighter with hot springs aside.
'I have many things on the opening of hot springs in the museum, there is too much in the home, I also countless. 'As a large part of the collection to the hot spring museum staff, in order to we can see some' old hot springs, 'Liu Yimo dig out his collection of some copy image data, in the last century s of the hot spring spa advertising, the fifties and sixties of the last century tickets, etc. Worth four cents, in the corner of the hot spring, there are many tickets are factory unit washing soup, such as medical plant in fuzhou, fuzhou rolling mills and so on.
to collect the objects, the Liu Yimo is infatuated, rain or shine, as long as he was told what hot springs in the old objects, he immediately ran past. For this, no Liu Yimo missing is people criticise as 'psycho'.
'you see, this is my taken in MinHou ssangyong hot spring bath house site, this is the southern song dynasty assistant administrator Wei Chen built after your return home, still open? 'Hot spring culture, in order to understand fuzhou Liu Yimo checked WenQuanZhi fuzhou, fujian don't remember etc many literature, holding the camera for fuzhou hot spring site.
bathhouse handbill back time bubble hot spring industry period can also side to pour wine
'at the gate of the bathhouse, buy a ticket, clothes a hanging on the wood hangers, wear clogs,' snapped them 'ground in three different big bath pond to switch to. '
Liu Yimo memories, slabs of pool is build by laying bricks or stones, everyone tired, can lay down on cany chair, listen to other soup guest popular stories, or arch on story occur between urban and rural, occasionally heard by others in the pool with your eyes closed leisurely hum a few words on min opera, there are those who will call bathhouse rub zao work back rubs. In winter, people will eat in the bathhouse ding edge paste warm.
in the 1930 s, fuzhou's hot spring bath house industry can't Liu Yimo description so simple. In his collection of a 'chang longhua springs baths' advertisements, can a bath scene: fuzhou during the period of knowledge spacious hall, men and women in tile pool, white porcelain pool or engraved brick is soaking in a pool, garden plants and trees as a natural barrier, bubble can Sue HangJia point, when drinking wine. Can enjoy cutting, back rub, massage, pedicure services, and now the fuzhou services is quite similar to the hot spring resort.
according to the location of the advertisements, the hot springs is located in the department of water pocket in that area. 'What time change. 'Liu Yimo said,' that's a urban and rural joints in the past, I didn't think so hot spring industry during the period of prosperity. In his childhood impression, foggy in the winter there, old people said, that is the heat of the hot spring water. But now he would never see such a sight.
'from their parents, grandparents that s is very simple, and is more than the elderly bubble, bubble of men and women, old and young people have now. 'Said Liu Yimo, bath, wash the soup to buy tickets before, in the last century s popular all kinds of hot springs, with the development of city, the former small baths, old baths are closed, the normal business of the old and the home. He was in childhood often find bubble baths, already can't find it.
his collection to honor your elders called on the importance of hot spring culture
handed over three hundred about fuzhou hot spring collection to the hot spring museum staff, Liu Yimo QianDingNing charged, don't break, don't lost, this is he in eight years.
to collect the idea about something hot spring culture, he is. Originally that year, one in his life is very important elders died.
'he is very good to me, as his own, and often took me to the ruined. 'Liu Yimo memories, once he want to work, the specially gave him to the local elders, be sure to eat tofu, must go to bubble hot spring.
collect old things, new things, related to the hot springs are Liu Yimo nostalgia for the elders.
'known as Chinese hot springs are the title of fuzhou, fuzhou's hot spring culture should not be overlooked and forgotten. 'This is Liu Yimo eight years to collect things related to the hot springs, is ready to continue to gather momentum. He is using his effort to hot spring culture, also hope to fuzhou young people can see this as a cultural inheritance, forever.
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