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by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Self-defense electric batons, just as its name implies is a kind of self-defense equipment, it is self-defense self-defense equipment on the one hand, because it can have a very strong light, when the light source to the eyes, instantly can let a person produce a feeling of blindness, on the other hand it can produce nearly forty thousand volts, normal people generally don't accept such a high voltage, once contact immediately to let a person lose effectiveness. Name of commodity: super electric batons marque: electric voltage: 80 million v lighting distance: current is larger than 300 m products: 2. 5 a commodity weight: 450 g product size: 33 & times; 350 mm product features: the most powerful electric shock stick, is a bit long, is not very easy to carry suit a crowd: differential drive travel, business and household goods origin: zhejiang China features: high voltage electric shock defense five file lighting packing list: stick the body charger 18650 lithium batteries & times; 2 manual warranty card package. Why electric batons favored by a lot of women? Actually one of the most main reason is that now the society really is not very stable, so women friends to buy such products for self protection is very necessary. There are a lot of people say electric batons this kind of product is actually can corona, if encountered illegal molecules, then by electric batons can make their own rapid escape. Now there are many places selling this products. But it seems to me to electric batons store to buy is the most of a choice. Although the sales offices of now very much, but most of the quality of the products have no way to buy site is worth people's trust. If voltage instability, so in the end, the consequences will be very serious. So to electric batons monopoly network where to buy, not only can get a very good product quality, after-sales service will also be very perfect. So suggest you choose to buy electric batons monopoly network. Everybody when buying self-defense equipment, may consider to individuals to buy electric batons are legal. Below small make up for everyone to say, about whether to buy electric batons legal problems. Electric, electric shock and other aggressive equipment, belong to the state control of dangerous goods. According to the relevant provisions of the law on public security administration punishments, illegal carry control items and into public places, shall be confiscated and may also impose a detention, warnings and fines and other penalties. But in real life, people with electric batons kind of equipment is not in the minority, even can be bought at the gate of the department of justice. So you can see that the relevant departments as this is the default was the attitude. As long as the equipment is not being used for illegal purposes, or no others to report, is usually the justice department wouldn't ask. Here at the same time also want to remind you that the use of electric batons and custody, must pay attention to safety. In the event of any accident, you are to bear corresponding responsibility. I hope you can pay highly attention to this. When using electric batons self-defense to use correctly, ensure the safety of their own at the same time pay attention to the use, do not overuse, causes serious harm to others.
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