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Buy equipment production lighters not successfully sued equipment company

by:Tianwang     2020-07-17
the Yangtze river business news the defendant, the court for the elderly 'alone' trial
report from our correspondent ( Reporter shen rong right interns Hu Ying blue correspondent Gu Qing) Can not find the defendant, a little chance of lawsuit, but the hongshan court or for an old man from Shanghai court trial.
one morning on the eve of National Day, the sky light rain showers. Hongshan court trial, 9 for a Shanghai old age of open trial began.
the defendant absent, no agent, only the plaintiff yao dad and name. The trial, then yao's dad is almost a person in a statement.
years, yao dad when you see an advertisement, is teaching be lighter. When (date) (month) (year), yao's dad came to Wu Hanxin Wen Xiu Wu Changbei port industrial park street maple environmental protection material co. , LTD. , production process, examines the lighter in the meta cost production contract signed, the company promises to perennial recycling unqualified cigarette lighter.
yao dad didn't know, produced a lot of lighters, or gas filling, or gas explosion, it is difficult to reach the qualified standard.
years, yao's dad has two to han, once found the company moved to wuchang LuoShi number, in a period of time, the company has disappeared.
MinErTing hongshan court vice President, said yao dad family poverty, the legal costs of the yuan court approval is granted. In view, yao dad little chance, cost receipt to find no loopholes, contract, the defendant had already disappeared, 'similar companies are using pick up id do procedure. '
MinErTing President Huang Yu sea faint comfort, because yao' daddy 'phenomenon. The first two years, MinErTing hearing a lot of yao's dad like lighter case. Early last year, the court to submit a list of 'bad company', and put forward. Then, industrial and commercial departments and so on, the court set up special classes, for full cover type.
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