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By white police taser shot, kneeling on black man: I can't breathe - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
The original title: by white police taser shot, pressure on my hands and knees to the ground and black man: I can't breathe, Wen/observer network Long Yue) Recently, va fairfax county police released on June 5, a video showing the white policeman Taylor timberlake for a black man use stun guns for many times, during the black man repeatedly shout out 'I can't breathe'. According to CNN, CNN) Reports, so the incident of stun guns, electric batons, timberlake has faced the three charges of assault and battery if convicted, he will serve highest 36 months. Fairfax county police video shows, in the beginning, the police are working with a walk on the street in the residential area of the black man made representations. In the ambulance, the scene of other police asked whether the black man need help, no need oxygen. The man seems to be told the police that he wants to go to the rehabilitation center, but when the police and medical workers tried to persuade him to the ambulance to the rehabilitation center, the man was wandering around, to another direction. Man to deal with the police video capture, then, timberlake officers fired stun guns, walked to the man and man to the ground. In the man cried painfully, 'no, no' timberlake will the man knelt on the ground. And then saw the man cannot calm, timberlake seemed to hit the man's head, and again with stun guns to shoot the man's neck for a few seconds. Neck after the man was a taser, the scene more police officers will be the man down and handcuffed together, during the man cried out, 'I can't breathe' over and over again. Man shout: I can't breathe CNN reported that the video timberlake without provocation threatening to black men use the stun guns. At the same time, fairfax county police news conference on Saturday night, severely criticized the officer timberlake use stun guns. The county police chief, said Edwin rosler is with a camera to record the video, dated June 5, and condemned timberlake in violation of the use of force policy, the department has made a 'crime', in violation of the oath, 'ignore the sanctity of human life'. Rosler said, 'in the video behavior damages the public trust in the police, not only in fairfax county, around the world, such behavior is unacceptable'. He said, according to the police department's policy, all the police at the scene was 'fired', now is waiting for the event of the criminal and administrative investigation results. The county attorney, said Steve DE saro, timberlake has worked at the police station for eight years, now he is faced with three assault and battery charges related to the incident, and faced with the highest 36 months in prison. According to ABC local channel ABC 7 news, stun guns, victims of 36, has recently been doing cleaning, now is at home. Court records show he has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, but there is no evidence that he has a tendency to violence. Click into the topics: the United States 'police pressure on my hands and knees black death' chaos
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