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California park about robbery collective rob tourists - hundreds of teenagers Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Xinhua San Francisco on October 30 (Reuters) - Reporter Wu Xiaoling) Santa Clara, California, police said 30, about 100 teenagers on the evening of 28, the great America theme park in Santa Clara, collective attack and robbery of tourists. By 30 in the morning, at least more than 20 related report. A police spokesman said moreno, electric batons, assault and robbery are organized group behavior. Is being held at the time, the park Halloween celebration, many tourists. The attackers to use the stun guns, caused the mass confusion, at least six people were injured. Moreno said that most of the attackers fled the scene before the police arrived. The police only arrested the night a young man, and a minor for interview. The police surveillance video is clutching now trying to trace the attackers. Big American theme park is one of four major theme park, a San Francisco bay area. Park officials said in a statement, the park to respond to the incident quickly, but on the evening of the amusement facilities did not shut down, has been operating normally. 29 night's Halloween celebrations are normal.
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