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Fog Machine Igniter


Applicable to agricultural machinery products such as mist sprayers, fog machines, and water mist machines. It can work for a long time, has long service life and strong ignition performance.

Double insulated wire, high temperature resistant.It is leak proof and safer. The igniter has stable performance, controllable quality and the damage rate is less than 1% within one year.

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The high voltage electrostatic generator is used to bring the liquid medicine with one polarity of static charge, and the target is charged with another polarity of static charge through technical means. The liquid medicine with a polar electrostatic charge is directly squeezed out from the small nozzle hole after being pressurized by the diaphragm pump. The sprayed fine mist droplets with one kind of polar electrostatic charge are driven by external force and electrostatic force, and directly rush to the front and back sides of the crop (target) with another kind of polar electrostatic charge. The stems and leaves are firmly adsorbed, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient disinfection, insecticide and sterilization. It is widely used in the insect and epidemic prevention and disinfection of agriculture, school, hospital, farm, station, airport, entry-exit inspection and guarantine bureau, cutoms etc..

Electrostatic Sprayer

The high-voltage generator is used in the electric pig rusher, which is more convenient than the traditional pig rusher. It does not need to exert effort, and it will not leave blood scars on the pigs to affect sales. And the use of voltage stimulation that is harmless to animals is used to achieve the purpose of driving pigs, and there is no harm to the body and health of the pigs.

High Voltage Generator for Pig Paddle

High voltage transformer/transformer/high voltage module/high voltage generator, can be used for student science experiments/electronic instruments/negative ion generator/medical beauty instruments/animal husbandry/scientific small production of high voltage source, the module is made using the Tesla coil principle, output high-voltage pulse, small volume, high efficiency, 

discharge intensity is violent. A stable high-frequency arc is produced at work, with extremely high temperatures that can easily ignite combustibles.

High Voltage Transformer

220V igniter , which is suitable for ignition of methanol, diesel, mosquito killing lamp, burners and oil burners. With rich production experience and technical capabilities,each product has been carefully produced and tested.Committed to the best products to customers.

Fuel Gas Igniter

It is suitable for gas stove ,oil burner, industrial boiler igniter, electric water heater, Stir-fry furnace igniter, gas igniter, negative ion generator, mole igniter, air purifier, 

positive and negative ion generator, ozone generator, pulse igniter and other booster parts. transformer for arc lighter, fume purification Production such as high voltage packages and electrostatic adsorption.

High Voltage Ignition Coil

Killing wide range of pests, such as mosquitoes, flies, moths, spiders and other unpopular pests.
To produce ozone and negative oxygen ions, helping in disinfection.
Eco-friendly, suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Electronic Mosquito Swatter

Our plasma arc lighter can ignite and have the function of flashlight. Not only Suitable for camping, hiking, barbecue, candles, kitchen,

fireplace, cigarette, but also for camping, travel, indoor or outdoor activities.

Candle Lighter