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CenXi city of lighters, fireworks enterprise safety production check

by:Tianwang     2020-07-23

month, vice mayor of CenXi QinGuangPing deep muscle, cause, to righteousness of bamboo town to inspect work safety in production enterprises.
in jin bamboo town and lighter factory letter, cause town HongRun lighter factory and Oriental lighter factory, CenXi city leaders, detailed understanding of the enterprise safety production training, the scene of the accident emergency rescue preplan, production safety management, etc. , requiring companies to implement all safety measures for hot weather, to find the safe hidden trouble of the rectification in place in time.
then CenXi inspected to righteousness town city leaders also huayi senior fireworks fireworks factory, the autumn wind BaoZhuChang production such as fireworks enterprise safety in production work to carry out the situation, has set up a production of fireworks enterprise must strict safe production regulations for production, never has a spark of sloppy, must not hold fluky psychology, to ensure that the enterprise safety production.
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