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Chengdu advertising lighters

by:Tianwang     2020-07-17

a:. Impossible to answer you? I said sure don't money what you want the lighter? 吗? Need to advertise? 吗? 吗? How much is the number? 吗? 吗? Who also reported no more than the price of the Angle of the general ~ ~ ~ ~ blocks of blocks of more than one hundred have kind do you want? Wholesale may be almost five yuan oh. 。 。
a: JiuJi southerners a youngest in my backyard lighters at home, now also out publicity certainly yes, all advertising to shout you go every day to make money, all is false, yah know wow, if I make money, who has not a relatives and friends, will tell you. I am for clothes, I saw the TV every day. 。 。
a: advertising lighters thousands of Dutch advertising gift company can be custom-made, all varieties, low price, good quality, fast delivery, good service, but also can design the product to customers for free and content, in addition to advertising lighters, you can also customize other kinds of advertising promotional gifts and business gifts gifts, to baidu. 。 。
a: Mr Yang, you make a phone call to ask, professionally produced ads lighter to bargain with him bai you if you can find a lot of liaoyang longfa lighter factory, specialized in manufacturing lighters, cigarette lighter, because he do so with the rain of the cost of advertising is not very high dalian hin lighters produced before. 。 。
a: you can go to yueyang zhengshi lighter business ah, this is a business brand lighters, cigarette holder, big plate of shops, moreover can also be customized advertising lighters, etc. Their company has its own website, should be able to find their contact information, the original poster can search. I remember their specific seems to be in. 。 。
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