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Chengdu Grosvenor LTD handsome sell porsche was buried alive - three buyer Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Recently, a Grosvenor LTD chengdu handsome gentleman due to cash flow problems, plans to porsche cars sold $3 million worth of cash, out to nearly lost his life. It is reported that Mr Xu will sell cars release information on the Internet at that time, the car was happened, Mr Xu appointment after three 80 young people. At that time, three people dress up too much from beginning to end 'heads', the whole face was covered with masks and cosmetics, this let Mr Xu felt very confused. In spite of this, in order to make a deal, electric batons, hui or patience to accompany each other test and maintenance. In the end, both sides clinchs a deal with the price of 2. 3 million yuan. Then, the buyer's claim to live in hotel, ask Mr Xu drove to take money. Hui to the underground parking lot, hotel was laughing 3 buyers suddenly suddenly turn hostile, and took the knife rack in the hui neck, forcing Mr Xu give the body after the bank card password, three people with electric shock stick knocks him, then make a gentleman to remote places buried alive. Hui first feign death, after three people go far in heaps of struggling for 40 minutes, finally climbed out, then hurriedly called the police. After investigation, police found a man to a porsche registration in chengdu, to find the three criminals. It is understood that the three people involved is through the understanding of the baidu post bar, mastermind XXL is an online dealers, before finally because of gambling lost all savings, still owe a debt. See hui sell cars released information, XXL then moved slanting brains. At present, three people on suspicion of robbery and murder was criminal detention. On the other hand, it is understood that the individual post bar has quietly turned into a real crime virtual junction, some criminals begin to find 'associates' in the post bar. The police also reminds people must be wary of strangers.
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