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Chengtong pass three years kei boss finally willing to bleed

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21
Content: February 2nd two word preferential discount how much you and the boss have the final say, despite the intermediate links such as sales consultant, taobao type business-to-consumer model. Alas, my heart was dripping blood ah woo as a sales consultant. 。 。 Activities gift: no car available limited (kerosene lighter transformers Limited) '>

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诚通传祺三年了 老总终于肯放血了
  优惠多少您和老总说了算,抛开销售顾问等中间环节,达到淘宝式的BtoC模式。 Alas, my heart was dripping blood ah woo as a sales consultant. 。 。
don't buy cars also can obtain limited (kerosene lighter transformers Limited)
activity to participate in conditions:
, only accept registration in advance, or invitation, closed by text message authentication code in the
and participated in the activities need to pin contact network in advance ( See contact details at the end of the article)
, net sales personnel will be according to your sales manager, the sales manager to send a text message authentication code ( Admission by text message authentication, do not forward, each message can get the transformers, kerosene lighter, activity limited number of vehicles to limit)
, must be in - time Attends the crowd:
declined on time
type, big mouth: this activity should be signed confidentiality agreement price, this activity
lowest prices, the curtain type: this activity price only accept the activity time, if a few days later a friend also or not bashful, don't sell
, don't understand models: because time is shorter, can't have enough time to meet your understanding of the car, but you can advance to the shop to watch the car test drive, come again on Saturday was cut, refueling oh!
and selective syndrome: the activity time is shorter, the price is also a boss of a cut in the end, will only accept a knife, want to sword, please choose in store, this year is
the event promises: activity directly by the general manager to put price, if you feel like the kei, can go to the shop to bargain, and you can meet your sword, enjoy insurance commitment; Even think the price is not satisfied, can let you are bought more accurate, because the kei car this year, the lowest price already to you, unless you want to in a few years to buy a car
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