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China faces 'reduction of cao cao looks first gathered across one thousand 7

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

in restoring the ancestors of shandong faces, people predict the future appearance, shandong TV 'China faces' again last night set of anthropology, genetics, archaeology, philology, forensic science and so on various aspects, director of the expert and at the same time, according to the characters of much appearance, reverse fierce reducing the generation of cao cao's appearance, cao cao across together for the first time in one thousand, after the reduction of cao cao looks with these later generations are much alike, also has won the acceptance of experts.
last year, the DNA identification Cao Caojiu caused wide public concern, the posterity's news is now seven of them: jiangsu yancheng embroidered tiger hall of later generations, anhui ShuCheng instrument of one hall, jiangsu haimen to posterity for good church later generations, anhui moved to zhejiang after housekeeping don, shandong rushan mountain and the north, liaoning donggang, liaoning tieling three generations, across time and space for the first time in one thousand. In shandong TV 'China faces' in1999, first met after cao cao, people cannot hide the excitement, Mr Cao from liaoning donggang said, 'although meet for the first time, but the feeling is a family! '' finally meet genealogy records on relatives! 'Cao cao later generations from jiangsu yancheng regrets' the meeting was one thousand and so on time! 'For the first time meet, cao cao later concern most is each other's appearance, see the other side also has the same loose his eyebrows and bumps on the bridge of the nose, is a family more determined.
cao cao was guess 'appearance looks small gods the hair'?
'ballad singing the romance of The Three Kingdoms' cao cao 'seven feet, black eyebrow breakdown, white flour, bearded', written Sun Sheng 'westergren the spring and autumn' described in 'featuring appearance appearance was short, and the gods send English', admits Cao Caochang not good, but the temperament is very good. Who plays cao cao bao guo 'an, he once went through literature search for cao cao looks: 'is not easy to find such a few words: cao cao is not tall, masculinity is dye-in-the-wood'. This is not tall, fierce temperament extraordinary generation, looks? Cao cao later said: 'cao cao's face is real Cao Caojiu posterity's face. '
once identified Cao Caojiu, head of the group, fudan university, professor, department of genetics, school of life science college of human and human, li hui said:' cao cao lived many years qiaocheng county of northern anhui, the local people's facial comparison width is large, large, round eyes, eyebrows, thick and thick, the lateral spread of the eyebrows, therefore estimated that cao cao is likely to have these features. 'Follow the team through several provinces across the country, saw thousands of cao cao the posterity of doctoral Wang Chuanchao summary, north and south cao cao later generations facial have obvious differences:' around the posterity of the north square face, rough outline, eyes narrow, single-edged eyelid, Mongol fold (obviously The inner eye cover stay on eyelid) The narrow, high bridge of the nose, the nose; South cao cao later generations, face round, big, round eyes, nose is inferior to the north is quite high, but the nose is open. '
fierce generation dew makes
will be recognised experts and future generations in the faces of the People's Republic of China last night, a lean one thousand, Lou's face. Famous criminal looks expert, ever recover simba after Mrs, dawenkou site skull cheng-wen zhao professor using recovery technology finally has carried on the reduction to cao cao's appearance, reduction of three obvious characteristics of cao cao appearance: bulk eyebrows, bumps on the bridge of the nose and forehead tilted slightly, and show the scene around him are also common, please have similar characteristics, the recovery of cao cao appearance is also highly regarded. Contemporary film and television works bao guo 'an, James Chen, fengyi zhang had played cao cao, which version is closer to real cao cao, the most popular around the posterity of recognition? Cao cao later generations from liaoning tieling Cao Qiang said: 'tell from the appearance, bao guo 'an version of cao cao is very much like my father, his eyebrows is loose, the length of the concentrations are very like. '
cao cao face restore is a complicated and scientific process, according to the information provided by anthropologists, historians, combined with the feature of years zhongyuan people's appearance, literature description of cao cao appearance, geneticists for Cao Caojiu DNA analysis of the content, as well as the cao cao thousands of generations of facial features analysis, reverse reduction. By cao cao later generations of reverse ancestors Cao Caochang like many years ago, experts in academic recognition. Professor li explained: 'because the offspring of cao cao has common Y chromosome and Y chromosome genes influence to looks like there is a person, so from the common features of their reverse cao cao will looks interesting results are obtained. '
no matter China faces, reduction of the facet of cao cao cao cao looks and net friend whether conform to, cao cao was the reduction in the field of genetic research and historical and cultural areas is a big breakthrough. Learned, faces of the People's Republic of China is in the years to build a culture of shandong TV variety shows, in addition to the introduction in the program to face as the breakthrough point of Chinese traditional culture, also with the relevant scientific research institutions, the launch of a series of faces, through the revelation, attract more people pay close attention to its behind the cultural knowledge. Before the recovery of the ancestors of shandong faces, with zhang yimou, feng xiaogang, gu celebrities such as face and widely followed, also caused in shandong migration, China national integration and other background knowledge of discussion. Show the follow-up will also through the scientific method, a synthetic Chinese average looks.
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