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China gradually become the world's superpower metal processing and export

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

China's hardware industry in recent years, has been from the traditional hardware street gradually evolved into modern hardware mechanical and electrical city. Through this a series of profound changes, decorative hardware market is now present several big development situation. The first is the scale. The Chinese daily hardware industry step into the world. China has successively established a zipper, shaving machine, stainless steel household utensils, POTS and blade, bicycle lock, such as a technology development center, pressure cooker, electric shaving machine, lighters and other products center. These centers currently most developed into industry pioneer, some has become a pioneer in the world, and has obtained the good economic benefits. China gradually become the world's superpower metal processing and export power. Our country has become one of the great powers of world metals production, has vast potential market and consumption. At least % in the hardware industry in China are now a private enterprises, the main force of development for China's hardware industry. International hardware on the market: the European and American developed countries due to production technology rapid development and the labor price increases, the universality of products produced by developing countries, only produce high additional value products, and China has a great potential market, so more beneficial for the development of metal processing exporter. The second is diversification. In terms of trade, distribution, export wholesale market has a huge advantage, metal products manufacturing boom in the market, the prosperity of the market driving the production of products, and formed the interaction between production and market circulation. It is understood that all hardware mechanical and electrical professional construction of the market, has been basically formed origin type and flow-through, large and small and medium-sized, integrated with simple and reasonable collocation, supplement each other, the national hardware market professional market overall planning and rational layout, complete varieties, the pattern of the smooth circulation of logistics. The third is modernization. Is a production enterprise circulation to extension. New market trend of China's hardware industry is more and more obvious, the rise of emerging channel make hardware manufacturing enterprises not only face to the traditional agents, distributors, relationship orientation, refactoring, important issues such as control and also makes enterprises face more and more high market system. The second is to store become important development direction. Stores do have much chance of success. The last is the centralized, regional centralization. Hardware tools in China market are mainly distributed in zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, guangdong and shandong and other places, including zhejiang and guangdong. Keywords:
article hardware industry; Scale; diversified
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