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China's hardware industry market trends 'three

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

in recent years, the development of China's hardware industry pattern is undergoing change, at present, the development of the industry are scale and diversification. At the same time, along with our country economy from the high speed development to medium speed steady development, hardware market in the past ten years to maintain rapid growth era has ended, an obvious phenomenon of excess production capacity. Under this background, the transformation and upgrading of industry, increased investment in technology and improve the quality of the products become inevitable. Hardware industry development tendency scale larger hardware market in China are mainly distributed in zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, guangdong and shandong and other provinces and cities. Yongkang city, zhejiang province, for example, hardware mechanical and electrical manufacturing enterprises cluster, shandong linyi hardware market, hangzhou new century lock hardware electrical trade city, Shanghai, chengdu jin fu hardware mechanical and electrical city, guangdong guangfo hardware mechanical and electrical city, etc. At present, the daily hardware products have entered the world. Relevant data show that in recent years, China has established a zipper, shaving machine, stainless steel household utensils, POTS and blade, bicycle lock, such as a technology development center, as well as the pressure cooker, electric shaving machine, lighters and other products center. At the same time, our country also gradually become one of the hardware products processing and export countries in the global. Relevant data is expected, years, China's exports of hardware and related products about keep in % growth. Hardware industry development tendency of diversification at present, the hardware construction of professional market, across the country has been basically formed origin type and flow-through, large and small and medium-sized, integrated with simple and reasonable collocation, the pattern of the complement each other. Hardware market in tianjin, for example, the tianjin international hardware mechanical and electrical city, the new horse hardware city, hardware city in the north and the pearl river five jincheng four hardware professional market, annual sales amounted to one hundred million yuan of above. The four hardware market according to the different market positioning, formed their own development model. In the center of the tianjin international hardware mechanical and electrical city comprehensive diversified business model, mechanical and electrical a commercial stores in the city, with high-grade office buildings and five-star hotel, hardware stores go high-end line; The northern five Jin Chengze features water heating with solar energy wholesale market; And the pearl river five Jin Chengze lay particular stress on at adornment hardware tools business. The diversity of the four major market effect not only gathered over tianjin into a hardware store operators, will all the introduction of the tianjin market at home and abroad well-known brand, to form one of the largest wholesale hardware industry in north China. Hardware transformation and upgrading of industry bigger and stronger is the key to further understood according to nine is building materials, hardware market is from the demand to supply in our country, the market competition by price primarily to give priority to with high quality, high technology content. In this case, the transformation and upgrading is the necessity of developing industry in the future. With the deepening of the related enterprise competition, hardware industry chain's stage, profit margins are compressed space of the price is decreasing. At the same time, the international market demand for hardware products in our country is gradually changing, on the quality of hardware products, packaging, delivery deadline will have higher requirements, and gradually extended to the production process and product development. Moreover, the personage inside course of study points out, transformation and upgrading of China's hardware products will usher in a new pattern of the foreign trade, the biggest change is likely to be growth of high-tech products exports. Such as wire cut, bolt cutter, saw frame, the combination of machine tools, telecommunication tools, household tools, measuring tool series such as steel tape measure, level of a group of high-tech and high value-added export products will gradually replace the original low value-added hardware products.
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