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Chinese students in Canada have been tied up missing: electricity stick shock - had been suspect Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
The original title: a Chinese student in Toronto kidnapping missing consulate to emergency disposal in Canada in the greater Toronto area of chinese-american wan kam city ( Markham) , a Chinese male student in the local time on March 23, was kidnapped in the evening. Local police are on track. Chinese consulate general in Toronto, is the case to carry out emergency treatment work. According to the local york regional police case, 23, when he almost six in the evening, 22 years old Arthur ( Transliteration, English full name is Wanzhen LU) The victim back to live with my friends apartment building underground garage, three kidnappers down from a car, grabbed the victim. One of the suspects held electric batons weapons. The victims had tried to resist, but was a shock. The suspect finally forced the victim into the car and drove away. At present the victim unaccounted for. The police has been the scene of the underground garage surveillance video, and to release the suspect 24 and the vehicle frame. The suspect is used in a dodge black car, license plate has been confirmed to stolen license plates. Safety concerns of the victim, the police said, calling for people to timely provide clues to the police. The reporter sees 24 at the apartment, out of the apartment for more Asian faces of young people. Various media reporters in different export apartment waiting for interview. Chinese consulate general in Toronto, 24, said local time, attaches great importance on this case, has immediately launched the consular protection emergency mechanism, the first time contact york regional police about the case, asked the police to search for and safety to rescue the victim, take concrete measures to safeguard legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens within their respective jurisdictions. Chinese consulate general is also the first time get in touch with the victim's family and communicate relevant information. Consulate general, said the next step will continue to monitor developments in the case, with police, schools and families and so on aspects to maintain close communication, within the scope of the responsibility to provide all necessary assistance to actively do a good job on Chinese citizens consular protection and assistance.
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