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Choose high energy ignition five tips

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
In recent years, the high energy ignition technology developed quickly in the market, at very fast speed rooted in power plants, petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials manufacturing, new energy fields, so in front of the high energy ignition on the market, how to polish your eyes, choose good high-energy ignition, Shared with everyone under the five tips: 1, first determine the use of high-energy ignition occasions, to ignite fuel ( Pulverized coal gas, diesel oil, residual oil, biological particles, such as, different fuel types of high-energy ignition are different) , want to let it realize what kind of function. To rule out a batch according to these conditions. 2, don't look down upon the influence of the brand, even it is a good thing, you don't have heard of its brand, presumably you also want to consider when you bought it a few times. 3, we sell products, the most important thing is to look at its cost performance, understanding the material of products, performance, price, the degree of resistance to high temperature and other detailed information, more accurate to help us to pick out the ideal product. 4, understand the selected manufacturer what technical advantage compared to other manufacturers 5, selected the factory depends on its stage and service stage, after things to sell to customers regardless of anything, would not have to consider the next time, reputation is the most important. Specialized in the r&d and production of high energy ignition.
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