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Citizens to buy police electric batons had expressly, come and have a look

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
First, electric batons mainly by integration of high quality integrated block and rechargeable nimh battery, external main structure is mainly composed of hard ABS plastic injection molding and metal materials, usually in the front of the product has a pair of electric shock or a number of metal head, back-end switch with electric shock of insurance, according to the electric switch, which can produce a strong shock. In terms of our country, the development history of electric batons for thirty years in our country, thirty years to stick constantly upgrading, from the simple stick to strong light rod type and alarm type multifunctional electric batons. From the appearance and technical features have made great progress, and as one of police equipment, electric batons in police mission also plays a significant role. Rod for ordinary citizens, divided into two categories, one is the police, and one is for civilian use. The power of civil is small, but more for self-defense. But there are a lot of matters needing attention when using, such as not to shock the body, head, heart and other important organs otherwise it will bring great danger. In theory, holding a self-defense electric batons were not illegal, but used in crime is another matter, lawyers are defined as: 'hold not illegal' metaphor said: 'as sulfuric acid, the right to keep and use, it is the commonly used reagent in chemical experiment, but if used to pour people, that is crime. 'But with the police in electric electric? You must pay attention to when purchasing police this two word, stipulated in accordance with the 'people's police law of the People's Republic of China, the people's police use police implements producer is unified by the public security department under the State Council, any other individuals and organizations will be sold all belong to illegal behavior. See here, you know it.
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