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Classic lighter values

by:Tianwang     2020-07-23

today, lighter has not only have practical value, but also for the development of a unique arts and crafts. And with its high appreciation and collection value, caught the attention of many collectors. At present, some classical design modelling lighter on the market value has doubled in recent times. Reporter Hu Miao
' Classic lighter value rise times 】 'At present, the store of a classic lighters for 'edition', smoking is positive, the price is RMB, at present, the market price is in RMB, price increases in recent times. 'The shop owner Mr Boss tells a reporter, lighter collection of brands, such as peng is belong to lighter the holy, generally limited edition in the domestic price in RMB, it is not surprising that tens of thousands of yuan, average price is around one thousand yuan. Dupont launched every year since years limited appreciation version of lighters, although the price is not low, but a was lighter in years has risen in recent times, is quite considerable return on investment.
  【 Sterling silver style suitable for 'beginners' 】
'for lighter collection, limited product is the key. Generally limited within more than a variety, has the collection value. And the smaller the circulation, the appreciation of the space. 'Association of tianjin city folk collection guang-fa liu told reporters, secondly depends on the brand, collections of mid-range even high-grade cigarette lighter, can the value of collection and appreciation of space. If there is a world famous brand lighters are peng ( 年代。 T. Dupont) , Zippo, Flamidor, givenchy ( 纪梵希) , Cartier, bick ( BIC) 、IMCO、Parker、Colibri等。 In addition, want to see the lighter itself whether have artistic connotation or commemorative collection properties such as features, the painters, inlays, or screw process design and so on all need to be considered. Generally, beginners collectors can choose relatively simple style, such as the design of pure silver, its degree of collection and appreciation potential has been widely recognized in the market in recent years.
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