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Coal, oil and gas to protect for ( As a whole pays special attention to the reform, development and stability of the work) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-07-09
The pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, beijing-tianjin-hebei urban agglomeration, night lighting levels are rising - — Recently released a set of satellite remote sensing data, sent from one side to return to work and production speed expansion the 'spring'. Energy is the important foundation of the national economic and social development. At present, the epidemic prevention and control phases has further consolidated, economic and social order to speed up the recovery operation. Increase energy supply security, to comprehensively promote return to work rehabilitation work is very important. Our reporter has deeply in heilongjiang, shanxi, ningxia, sichuan and other places an important energy base, on-site visit how energy companies based on epidemic prevention and control, production safety catch to return to work, hurried production, chang distribution, to ensure the supply of coal gas. Daqing oil field - — Equivalent of oil and gas production as compared with the same period last year more than 90000 tons of 'pressure 70 million mpa, displacement cubic meters (16 Per minute) , ready to sand! 'At the meter in the car screen, daqing oilfield downhole operation branch fracturing brigade captain of a comprehensive picks up the intercom, loudly his orders. Nearby, 20 more than 10 meters long fracturing car neatly arranged in two columns, 'roar' the resultant force to pump fluid into the bottom hole, efforts to open the underground reservoir channel. 'We are in the construction of more than 10 consecutive days. During the 'comprehensive introduction, the epidemic prevention and control, break the routine, optimization technology solutions group, to the regional layers, more paragraphs, multi-port platform well, concentrating on multiple well continuous operation, downhole operation branch construction ability has been restored to the level before the outbreak. 'To get back to the time limit for a project, oilfield has organized resume work operations team, 750, 100 more than last year's best teams. 'Daqing oilfield development Li Hongbin introduction, deputy director of the various oil and gas production unit' one station ( Team) A strategy, a project of a strategy ', adopt flexible ways of working, the number of people to reduce assignment at the same time, to ensure the highly efficient. People living in the team for a few days, some dozens of minutes to work on foot; Repair equipment once he dug luck doesn't come in, someone with pickmattock chiseling tundra, dug up 1. People are trying to 'oil field, using at least the most optimal staffing, to ensure the safe operation of the production. 'Oil production, four production crew captain Wang Yilun said a factory in the first two months of this year,' peak + AB duty 'work mode, production crew from the usual 18 per capita Wells. 8 mouth up to 30 mouth during outbreaks, overruns to complete production tasks. Completed in the first quarter this year, the daqing oil field oil and gas equivalent of 1074. 6. 72 million tons, compared with 9 to increase production. 0. 69 million tons. Shanxi coking coal group - — 'At 7 o 'clock in the morning, the safety of the chorus after the oath, circuit in east coal mine bunkers with liu liang behind the team, to meet the rising sun to the wellhead. 'The well before to disinfection, measuring temperature. 'New process for the work, had already adjusted to liu liang. Shanxi coking coal group xishan coal mine east, annual production capacity of 3. 36 million tons of check and ratify. Due to the complex geological structure and mining time earlier, intelligent application has not yet been fully mechanized coal face here, underground work is still mainly rely on manual operation '3 big' - — Shearer, hydraulic support, transport to complete. As circuit maintenance man, liu liang's responsibility is to let the machine run properly. East mine mine hai-dong liu said that this year the Spring Festival have a unusual, 'we didn't go back to New Year's day workers in statistics, organize production to redo the shift. Understaffed that a few days, on the basis of security, can take an early boot in advance, as far as possible ahead of class in the morning and evening without shutdown 'method, while handing over to the time to production. '2 to 3 months, 56 east coal mine production. 60000 tons, electric batons, 11 more than the same period last year. 580000 tons. Shanxi coking coal group is China's largest coking coal production suppliers, to more than 20 key iron and steel enterprises of the country's annual coking coal long-term agreement for the task. In the face of the iron and steel companies such as wuhan, EGang request emergency reinforcement of steelmaking with coking coal, shanxi coking coal group overcome stresses such as the lunar New Year holiday staffing difficulties, to organize and coordinate the coal production, transportation, ensure the wuhan iron and steel enterprises for vulcan hill hospital, thor hill hospital and ezhou the xiaotangshan hospital rapid construction supplies. 'The epidemic is command, more need soe bear special period. Group party secretary, chairman Wang Maosheng said, 'the first day, we study emergency measures of emergency. 'The third day, on the basis of preliminary work, shanxi coking coal with 52 of 28 production mine and coal preparation plant one after another into return to work. From February to march, shanxi coking coal group long-term cooperation agreement is somewhat better than 125%, 'that is to say, you need 100 tons, I give you for 125 tons. 'Wang Maosheng said. Ningdong energy chemical industry base - — 56 all industrial enterprises above designated size and production on April 1 morning, guodian zhejiang east ningxia power generation company Fang Jiazhuang power plant, coal is fed into the chamber to push the unit into electrical energy. Captain on duty YueWei kept a close eye on the wind speed, pulverized coal and air pump, various data, three layer 3 flame is visible on the big screen. 5 liner in here, working 24 hours a day. On December 28, 2019, production of Fang Jiazhuang power plant, is domestic first million kilowatt indirect air cooling power plant of wisdom. In the first quarter, as one of source of form a complete set of zhejiang to be delivered to the outside, the launch of the new mega kilowatt unit complete generating 19. 3. 6 billion KWH. Power plant of ningdong energy chemical industry base, is a large coal base, national YiDunJi must kilowatt coal base, the national important coal chemical industry. In ningxia ningdong base on the vast gobi, per kilowatt-hour, tightly attached to thousands of miles away in zhejiang.
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