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Cod charge lighters

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15
a: millet mobile power website only millet and millet Tmall available main website sales provide goods well before buying a mobile power supply need to make an appointment in advance of payment made an appointment for a purchase to be eligible for the specific time to pay attention to the website the day because the product quantity is limited on the acquisition date ( Than ten thousand sets of hundreds of thousands of people taking mobile power supply must be some people buy) 。 。 。
a: if I were you, that I will not accept cod, from which can clearly see the sellers a ghost, the express only a fool will send wrong, even if the wrong, why should the seller wait for the arrival of the goods to you only to find his hair wrong, don't trade record inside he found? So I'm sure is. 。 。
a: according to your statement you are using a USB charging electronic lighters, the lighter currently on the market has two kinds, the first is a heating wire fever ignition, the other is a lighter arc. If your cigarette lighter is heating wire, then only need a little power can ignition heating wire fever, this lighter is present. 。 。
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