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Combustion machine working principle of the high pressure alcohol point firearms

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
Alcohol point firearms use 220 v alternating current (ac), through the voltage step-up transformer reach 12 kv and two outputs in a high energy peak pulse voltage output under the action of strong electric spark can rapidly lit fire. Alcohol point firearms advantage: the resistance to moisture, ignition energy is stable, safe and reliable, long life, reasonable structure, convenient installation, ignition quickly. Apply to ignite gas ( Such as natural gas) Oil, light oil, heavy oil, etc. , can be used for alcohol, diesel stove oven, burning machine, floor heating, and other equipment. Alcohol using environmental protection resin potting point firearms appearance, insulation resistance, use in harsh environments will not affect the ignition efficiency, and greatly lengthened the service life. Products and anti-aging experiments after ignition test, aging test pass, ignition success rate of over 99%, can be at ease use.
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