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Continuous murder lead social concerns - female college students Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
A fitness center in nanjing, on August 9, women's learning and art, chongqing university, 20, chongqing girls high for & other; Take the wrong car & throughout; And was killed; On August 12, 19 year old female college students in wujiang, jiangsu province Gao Qiuxi lost on his way to school from home, until 28 proved to be killed by robbery; On August 21, 22 year old female college students in shandong jin mou on black motorcycle, kidnapped, beatings and sexual abuse, imprisoned rescued four days later & hellip; … Within a month, events of female college students were killed in a row, let female college students this group has become the focus of society, many people exclaimed, & other; Don't strangers on car & throughout; 。 Events behind the refraction is the group awareness is weak, self-protection ability is poor. Some even by extension, according to the current mode of education led to the tragedy of female college students. In fact, is not the only female college students encounter this kind of tragedy, as long as it is women, almost are likely to encounter. The occurrence of such cases, there are a variety of factors. Modern express reporter by police has collected some typical cases, the police said that analysis of these cases will be able to find some women to prevent abuse, but this is by no means not strangers. Remote scenic spot travel alone female college students were raped and murdered the case occurred in 2005 in nanjing, a hit at that time. One day in the middle of June 2005, a university of nanjing graduating girl xiao yun, Not his real name) Scenic Tours to yangshan tablet material alone, then lost words. Students found that she didn't back to school after the alarm. A few days later, the police will the criminal suspect Qiu Gang ( Not his real name) Captured. According to police, xiao yun to visit the scenic yangshan tablet material relatively remote location, visitors at ordinary times is not much. Qiu Gang opened a coffee shop in the mountains of scenic spot, antique decorated and has some kind of emotional appeal. On the same day, xiao yun to climb to the top of the hill, then see the coffee shop, suddenly was attracted by its unique appeal to. More coincidentally, it was raining at the time, xiao yun and logical to shelter into the coffee shop. At this point, the mountains, has few visitors Qiu Gang see xiao yun moved evil thoughts. Qiu Gang eloquence is very good, he introduce xiao yun to yangshan tablet material historical stories, xiao yun addicted, also took a liking to Qiu Gang. However, Qiu Gang soon revealed ferocious face, put into practice rear bedroom, xiao yun to violence. After Qiu Gang to prevent xiao yun alarm, it killed, and in the burned his body, and then dumped into a sewer. Afterwards, Qiu Gang still use cell phone send information to xiao yun's family xiao yun, let believe xiao yun just because they had to leave for a few days, has not killed. Self-defense electric batons, self-defense electric shocks
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