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Core technology 'can shock cardioerter rhythm of the automatic discriminant algorithm' completely independent innovation - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
On cardiac arrest, there is such a set of data: the world each year 7 million people taking place sudden cardiac arrest, of which more than 500000 people in China. Accompanied by the rhythm of the heart is most cardiac arrest ventricular fibrillation or rapid ventricular tachycardia malignant arrhythmia, such as electric shock defibrillation is currently the only effective way to terminate the malignant arrhythmia. Rescue work every minute counts, for 1 minute per delay, the success rate by 7% to 10%. Popular speaking, a defibrillator is to rescue cardiac arrest patients & other; Fire extinguisher & throughout; 。 In the Chinese exhibition GongBoHui universities, to be unveiled the first domestic medical device registration in in vitro automatic defibrillator will appear. The core technology & other; Can shock throughout cardioerter rhythm of the heart & automatic discriminant algorithm; Completely independent innovation, if the equipment is applied to the general public, ordinary people through simple training can also first aid. Multiple difficulties to explore 14 years & other; A domestic well-known experts find cardiovascular disease we talk about the cooperation, hope to jointly develop the defibrillator. ” Information science and engineering school of fudan university professor YiDian team xiao-mei wu memories. D four hand in hand, as a result, production began 14 years of exploration. At that time, this equipment research and development in the domestic blank, the technical threshold a heavy and heavy. The first is circuit design. A normal cell phone charging voltage is 5 volts, and defibrillator discharge voltage up to 1000 v & ndash; 2000 v, this kind of mixed high and low voltage circuit on the design and testing to juggle, can cause the damage of the circuit. High voltage charging and discharging technology research and development has encountered many difficulties. “ Early is need a lot of devices, there is no resistance to high pressure/high capacity of capacitance, control discharge process of high power electronic switches, batteries, and the device also can not find. ” Impressed xiao-mei wu, discharge circuit with the switch tube is the earliest prototype with imported instruments on down to the old pipes. The most difficult is how to determine a blackout condition of patients is a cardiac arrest, or non cardiac causes. The issue at stake for automatic defibrillator. Due to its use place may not have professional medical monitoring test equipment, users also non-professional medical personnel, defibrillation, so discretion requires more intelligent machines. “ If there is a need to carry out the defibrillation shock arrhythmia is not, is likely to cause the tragedy of the patients died; But if you don't need defibrillation shock were carried out for the patient, may damage the patient's body and even induce arrhythmia. ” Xiao-mei wu, mature automatic defibrillation apparatus product technology abroad, whether patients happened & other; Can shock cardioerter rhythm & throughout; The algorithm is the core of secrets. To overcome the difficulties, only from scratch, electric batons, start from the underlying database. According to introducing, the algorithm of defibrillator need validated by ecg database. Industrialization team is used to validate the new automatic defibrillator database in vitro, not only contains the foreign standard ecg database of signal, also increased the domestic first aid center crowd ecg signal data acquisition of China, and by domestic authoritative ecg experts classification, data quantity is bigger, can reflect the characteristics of constitution in population of China. Connected to the network will have more applications of the American heart association recommends is divided automatically quiver meter & other; Can shock cardioerter rhythm & throughout; Identifying the sensitivity of the algorithm in more than 92%, specificity of 95%. After verification, the core of the research team in China under control algorithm, the index of sensitivity and specificity than. At the same time, the defibrillator with functions of network management, can be a day will introspect the results, such as usage data transfer to the management center. Management center in the defibrillator real-time monitoring at the same time, still can use defibrillators to collect the data of power products to further research and development. And team is planning to launch the corresponding APP for users to query defibrillator nearby location, and is likely to import medical professional online guidance function. “ Defibrillator is connected to a network, in the future there will be more fully the development and wider application. ” When it comes to in vitro of the development prospects of the automatic defibrillator xiao-mei wu believes that draw lessons from foreign experience, crowded public places are available for application scenarios, and & other; Like & throughout; The working mode of the professional requirements for the operator is not high, it is easier to spread. “ Like a fire extinguisher, distribution in the defibrillator should be in a public place, ensure that can quickly get an illness. ” She said: & other; It is because it is easier to operate, so for cardiac arrest patients can receive timely treatment, early rescue is less dangerous, the second this is of great value. ” According to the team is now working on low energy defibrillation method, on the premise of guarantee the defibrillation success rate reduce damage in patients; , on the other hand, will attempt to combine all kinds of apparel equipment, research and development of low energy consumption, miniaturization of household or wearable defibrillator, meet the needs of more application scenarios and the crowd.
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