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Counterfeit famous brand lighters sold several times the price

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

Sue to ( Wood is easily) Counterfeit ZIPPO lighters, online for a fraction of the price for several times, and more on the Internet, and the price is the price of selling for profiteering, recently, zhangjiagang a man on suspicion of selling counterfeit registered trademark commodities was arrested by the police.
early, west zhang found in jurisdictions jingu village tour, a village resident daily express in and out of the quantity, in addition to transport express, the resident is always closed, never associate with neighbours, several household surveys is a locked door.
month, yangzhou baoying contact west, zhang said baoying citizens buy on the net to counterfeit ZIPPO lighters, lighter delivery place is west gold Gu Village. In accordance with the law for the suspicious people, captured the criminal suspect the weekend on the spot, and seized more than fake ZIPPO lighters, flint and cotton more than heart. Classics, the weekend to online selling fake brand lighters confessed.
, according to the check at the age of the criminal suspect some although have a steady job, but in order to make more money, some from the Internet to buy a lot of different styles of counterfeit ZIPPO lighters, then open a shop, all in the name of 'authentic' 'cheap' counterfeit cigarette lighter will purchase price is only a few yuan to several times or even more to sell. Years, more than a week selling fake ZIPPO lighter, illegal profits more than ten thousand yuan.
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