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Courier delivery by the buyer with electric batons - robbery Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Self-defense electric batons company news: a jingdong Courier delivery is a residential building in chaoyang district pine elm, the electric batons attacks, distribution within the express three apples cell phone was robbed. Yesterday, the Beijing news reporter learns from chaoyang police, the case is resolved, the criminal suspect yu ( Male, 18, henan people) , Locke a ( Female, the age of 15, Beijing) On suspicion of robbery, have criminal detention by the police. It is reported that two people are in relationships. When the Courier delivery & electric batons attacks against other At that time, I was at home, heard a sound in the corridor & lsquo; Rob & rsquo; ! ” A resident in loose yu said, at about 1 PM on the 2nd, the rest at home, the family dog suddenly cried. After open the door, found that a 30-40 years old man lying on the second floor stairs, nose is blood, glasses fell down on the ground of the third floor. The residents to recall the wounded man says it is jingdong mall Courier, because send by express only write the floor number, didn't write the specific memorized, he went downstairs to call customer inquiries, each other wait for him to the third floor. “ Five minutes later, a one meter seven or so of man and a woman wearing a face mask, electricity stick wounded me, robbed express mail. ” Residents reported wounded man saying that robbed express there are three apples in the mobile phone. Jingdong was robbed a director confirmed that the express mail, & other; Marki upstairs when delivery, met a strange man in the 2nd floor using pepper spray gush eyes, then employees together to grips with each other, each other using electric batons electric distribution, taking three iphone6 plus, marki downstairs after fall, when the robbers have went to the hospital to check. ” 8 families of the floor, there is an elevator and two stairs. On May 2, 17, a reporter at the scene to see, one of the staircase without induction lamp, boarded another window screening, dimly lit corridor, induction lights can see road. Two suspects conspired to online mobile phone after four days after the robbery, two suspects have been police control. According to the police, the crime scene investigation and surveillance footage to be obtained, the police identified the suspect was found. On May 6, 9 about, in the chaoyang district police FaTou a technician school will suspect yu control is participating in the training, and seized in its body to an iphone. According to the indictment of confession, on the day of about 10, police and a control in ShiBaLiDian region will suspect Locke, then in jinsong a cell phone store, seized by two people got another two apple mobile phones. After the interrogation, the two suspects confessed, according to two of them are men and women friends, worked in a nearby school, very familiar with surrounding environment. Yu have a passion for motorcycles on weekdays, but due to the pinch, have no money to buy motorcycle parts, then conspired by Locke one online phone, choice of the goods payment, rob for Courier delivery. Yu leave a mobile phone for private use, the other two for the price of 6000 yuan per sold jinsong a mobile phone shop. Yesterday, the Beijing news reporter understands from jingdong, injured Courier operation smoothly, it is in the rest.
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