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Crossover so simple Internet companies ran to mobile phones

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

in the day before yesterday rumors potatoes do mobile phone has not yet been dust fall to the ground, and news yesterday, Letv also should make phones, meizu is said to have two executives take away a number of old employees to Letv meizu, point of view, it is to take on and millet in comprehensive competition rhythm. But, the somebody else is to do TV, mobile phone and then Letv TV to do is do first mobile phone, this let me can't help but think, crossover, so simple.
enclosure war behind the beneficiary is the user
in addition to the traditional vendors at the cool united outside strengthen cell phone, alibaba, netease, baidu, and big Internet companies are racing to join the 'mobile Internet enclosure war', and even let us see the spat between Internet companies because caused by mobile phone.
these Internet companies do cell phones are playing close to the slogan of 'zero profit', but they also have less relative risks, opened the door after the first scheduled production since the millet, even some have no money, no fame, no guarantee of the fake brand also mimic the make out of the 'hunger marketing', let alone we these Internet bosses, basically all is this kind of mode, collect the money in the production, the risk, of course, a relatively small.
mobile phone and Internet companies do a slogan 'make money without hardware' in the business of the past, sold the phone is sold out, can't users to install and uninstall software, and we are the Internet bosses in the thinking of customization, pre-installed some applications, from which to make money, although so far, some applications rely on advertising, games, and made a few barrels of gold, but those are all floating clouds, you said that you have installed, you pop-up ads, I can the firewall, I can go to advertising, you said you charge, we Chinese people have the ability to piracy, crack, can crack a Windows, what's more, an application is that you? Although handset makers said by software and flow to make money, but the business model did not popularization and exact method. Mobile phone is the most important change frequency is fast, the intelligent mobile phone can expand sex is big, you bought a custom ROM, back might have one great god released native ROM and streamline method, so the 'soft' money is no clear business model.
mobile Internet companies do benefit is also the final user, regardless of their price war, war, or war hit the phone's low-cost, spat with mobile phone inside, no matter how they play, users are the beneficiaries.
cheap Internet phone after the strange phenomenon of
the Internet enterprise collective kill to the mobile phone industry, its purpose is only one, namely give their products to find an outlet in the mobile Internet. On has listed the Internet phone, some off this mark has been to consumers. With cheap to users, the results into a price war. Oddly, one thousand yuan on smartphones can call to sex but not for consumers to pay.
reason to struggle, on the one hand, the Internet phone price is really more cheaper than mainstream smart phones, function also is very rich; But on the other hand, Internet companies these mobile directivity is too strong, and keep consumers have been 'looking'.
these Internet businesses launched phones always targeting and binding in they now provide mobile Internet services. Whether to use the QQ mobile QQ on your phone will be a bit faster, with grand Bambook phone reading will be convenient, or use ali cloud mobile phone enjoy online discounts will change. Consumer degrees than those developers, the answer to these questions does not have a really, in addition to the propaganda blindly price is low, but also worry that the mobile phone is compatible with a competitor's software application?
the concerns of the consumers have never stopped, each Internet companies also never positive response to a similar question, but continue to make an issue of on price. Once upon a time, the chairman of qihoo Zhou Hongyi released more should 'mobile phone is free' slogan, and flaunt their mobile phone will be zero profit pattern, namely no hardware to make money, but by then the software service profits and intentions into the Internet free mode into the mobile Internet.
this model is the Internet mobile phone card is so cheap. The core of this card is to use half sell half send stick smartphone users, the most strong power, mobile Internet application entry key also lies in the battle. But that is where the source of the failure of the Internet phone, stick to the user's idea is good, but the age of the Internet, with which a user is only belong to a Internet company?
Internet companies in its own smartphone, seemed to deliberately choose forget, forget the selectivity of the user, as users can use the Windows operating system on PC, but not necessarily must use Office software. Function of smart phones and machine is the biggest difference is that even if cannot uninstall, users also have no, and through the app store to download you need a variety of applications, including must and should include the launch of the smart phone applications of the Internet the company's competitors.
it all revolves around a big circle, return to a point of origin. If the software service is very good, even if they don't sell its exclusive mobile phone, as can be other platforms and hardware to sticking live users. If the Internet service and application of the enterprise itself, even if nothing phones, users also can only use it as the most simple communication tools, not want application service entrance.
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