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( Custom make lighter] Eight-year-old boy was alone at home, play with lighters burning room

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

( Custom make lighter] Years old boy was alone in the home, play with lighters burning room
month days afternoon, an avenue of the western suburbs of kunming road suddenly rolling up smoke tens of meters high. After check, the cause is for one year old boy play with lighters fire at home, the house was burned down. In the presence of winter fire in the family, the fire department special remind, family and school should education children don't play with fire, lighters, matches and so on should be put out of the reach of children.
month day noon xu, an avenue of kunming road many residents still downstairs playing mahjong. I do not know who cried 'upstairs zha smoke', everyone looked up and found a resident house caught fire, on the fourth floor window from lesser smoke. The neighbors called.
in the meantime, many residents ran upstairs to check the situation, we found that three or four floor corridor, between a barefoot boy stood crying. Less than half an hour, the firemen arrived on the scene. After the fire had been put out, we found that there is a fire in the refrigerator in the room, furniture and so on have been burned, only a bed and a wardrobe remaining down, other furniture, appliances all didn't, the walls of the room be smoked became black.
after asking, the little boy said, he is a person at home watching TV, bored playing lighter lit sofa, caused the fire. After burning, not let people put out the fire because was afraid. At first, just went to another house to stay, see the fire is more and more big to barefoot running to the door.
after the fire, the child's father white teacher, he and the mother of all have no formal work, work at ordinary times. On the afternoon of the PM, after the mother cook a meal to eat, he was left alone a person go out to work, I didn't think that a fire broke out in less than half an hour. Their TV ark has a lighter, children play with lighters for boring, playing who knows just set fire to the sofa. After the fire, thanks to the child is ok.
a neighbor, fire a few days ago, he has heard the boy mother, remind children's adult be not at home don't play with fire, gas, don't move that this happened in two days.
it is important that family fire prevention well
home heating

do people away from the fire with fire destroy into winter family daily cooking, lighting, heating, etc in the fire number is more, mainly is the winter heating, air conditioning, stoves and other heating facilities use frequency is higher. Slightly careless fire easily, even cause wheaten cake joins camp fire.
fire departments to remind: when using these heating, lighting and other equipment, must be away from the fire out or broken heating power supply, etc. Household electric appliances

don't work 'germs'
home appliances cause of fire, one kind is to use electric stove heat, report, electric heaters, electric iron, electric kettle, electric heating devices, such as long time contact with combustible material for electrical heating appliances, or temperature control device fails, start a fire. Another kind is TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and other household electrical appliances, internal components, circuit due to improper use or electrical equipment aging, resulting in failure of the fever caused by the fire.
fire departments to remind: household appliances failure, must be timely maintenance, must not let appliances with 'disease' work, lest cause a fire.
education children

don't play with fire
family smoking at home do not pay attention to fire safety, it is easy to cause fire accident. At the same time, the parents did not attach enough importance to the child of fire prevention education, the lack of warning and combined with the children interested in kindling, more fuel in the place with open fires to play games, fireworks near combustible, with matches or lighters with fire inside the house, is likely to cause fire accident.
fire departments to remind: family and school should education children don't play with fire, lighters, matches and so on should be put out of the reach of children, don't let children play with fire at home.
inflammable and explosive goods

try not to store home home often use and storage of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods are mainly liquefied petroleum gas cylinder, gas lighters and hair mousse. At the same time, with the improvement of living standard, some on the urban and rural families have to purchase the car, followed, liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, diesel oil and so on use and storage of dangerous goods also gave some families a fire hazard.
fire departments to remind: do not store flammable and explosive dangerous goods, such as in the home if have to, must be properly kept. Gas gas

in use to prevent leakage to ensure indoor temperature in winter, many citizens will balconies and Windows sealed, which directly caused the air in the city with the outdoor air exchange. Once appear, coal gas, natural gas leakage, often can have serious consequences.
fire departments to remind: residents in the use of gas, make sure air valve in the closed position. If once found a gas leak, to quickly close the valve, open the doors and Windows; Don't panic, not use open flame.

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