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【 Custom make lighter 】 Today people can buy New Year's eve temporary passenger train ticket lighter with five per person

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

today everybody limit citizens to buy New Year's eve temporary passenger train ticket lighter with a
yangzhou webex ( The correspondent longtime reporter shun dynasty) 'No matter who, again small package, have to check, police, station staff and other internal personnel is no exception. 'The reporter learns from yangzhou railway station yesterday, and day is the annual Spring Festival, yangzhou railway station has entered into a state of Spring Festival in advance, security checks will also be brewing in the near future upgrade. Strict

s station staff also want security
according to introducing, security upgrades, in addition to the police to strict screening passengers luggage, also use handheld metal detectors to check train passengers. Passengers bringing gas lighters, matches, alcohol, etc. , there are limited; Police, the station staff, such as internal personnel, even into the countless times a day, as long as there is parcel, will check. 'Screening process, we won't let go of any a package, suspicious and open packet inspection. 'A policeman told reporters at the scene.

s regulations lighter each time with a limited
according to introducing, the railway police not only in romantic passenger security, as well as strict theluggage clain are. To prevent the passengers carry knives and other prohibited item, the railway station police station also specially configured handheld metal detectors, to the whole body check suspicious passengers to re-examine some items.
prompt yangzhou railway station, in addition to the firecrackers, fireworks, lighter, turpentine and explosive inflammable goods and compressed gas, because some articles for daily use can also be dangerous, and are prohibited from carrying. Do the friends that decorate, keep in mind that the paint, coating and other items as far as possible not to take on the bus, and controlled knives is strictly prohibited.
the railway sector, said will strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions, gases, liquids lighter each time limited quantity, safety matches a small box; Nail polish, shampoo, hair color, no more than ml water; Alcohol, perfume, cold fine shall not exceed the ml; Moss, hair gel, health insecticide and air freshener shall not exceed the ml. Soldiers, armed police, public security personnel, militia, the hunter by rules and regulations with guns that carry gun bullets. Remind

s best arrived half an hour early
at the same time, the railway departments to remind the passengers, because of the need to open packet inspection, etc. , please passengers to arrive in half an hour earlier than the as usual. At the same time, at the time of ticket, place the fare is separated from the money, don't give the criminal an opportunity; Bus, don't think money is quite safe to carry and close to time to hang bag on his chest, so that the thieves laid hands on him have difficulty; Baggage should be placed on an inclined top on the top, in order to watch at any time.

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