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Dandong airport seized rechargeable electric arc lighter

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

dandong airport seized rechargeable electric arc lighters
report from our correspondent ( YanLi reporter diffuse xing) June 21, dandong airport often seized rechargeable electric arc lighter.
the day time, dandong airport often in CZ dandong - Shanghai flight safety inspection tasks, inspectors found a luggage LvJian X-ray machine with suspected metal object in the image. LvJian X-ray machine inspector immediately notify inspector for open packet inspection of this luggage, the bag is opened part of the bag is opened as found the item for rechargeable electric arc lighter.
the lighter appearance with ordinary lighters is no exception, but there is a switch in the middle of the lighter part, is zoned open after arc sparks, strong concealment. Surveyor's report on duty to lead, and the passengers and their luggage is strictly check and explosion-proof testing after release.
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