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Defibrillator is put in the brics, prevent thieves to on the plane Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Civil aviation resource net on May 27, 2016 news: on May 27th morning, the guangzhou baiyun international airport domestic security channel, a man named xu of middle-aged male passengers a checkpoint mysteriously inform the subject package there are valuables, asked to check through as soon as possible, when the Mr Xu package through the X-ray machine, you just know originally called valuables is a shipment. At this time, however, careful X-ray found the image of one of the pieces is shock machine in disguise. Mr Xu with the remote control when the power is shut down, woman. she remove stun guns and said: 'this thing is the electricity, because there are bars, I would put it against the thief, who dare steal dead he! 'Subject to Mr Xu's extreme shock, and gravely told Mr Xu said:' stun guns is prohibited item not to carry and handle to be handed over to the airport public security organ. 'Mr Xu for security grounds for a security personnel to help escort, then security declined this request and advised him to contact the public security organ for help. In the end, Mr Xu know to quarantine boarding decision alone after fully covered the surveillance cameras. Warm prompt: various types of stun guns and other military police XieJu defense appliance, it is prohibited to carry and checked on board. Such as carrying passengers belong to military personnel, and has the special task need, must be approved by the public security organs of the airport and the related legal formalities. Commend 0 WenBang ( Feed: guangzhou baiyun international airport co. , LTD. Security guard security a brigade, electric batons monopoly network, electric batons,
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