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Description of TW Brand High Voltage Transformer

Description of TW Brand High Voltage Transformer


There are a lot of high voltage Transformer on the market. We will not use the unqualified components to make circuits in order to reduce costs, resulting in unstable ignition effects and additional benefit losses for our customers. All of our products use wires with good insulation properties. During installation and use, users will not be shocked and accidentally exposed to prevent safety hazards.

Founded in 1990, Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the development of various types of high voltage transformer. There are more than 100 high voltage transformer for existing products. Widely used in: electronic salute, fog machine, boiler, fuel and other electronic igniters. These products have high output voltage, stable working performance and extremely low damage rate, which are trusted by customers. The company has professional designers who can design and customize products according to customer needs.

The picture shows the DP high voltage transformer for electric mosquito swatter, mousetrap, scientific experiment, medical accessories.

Product manual:
1. All electronic igniters and high voltage generator of the company use imported triodes and capacitors to ensure stable voltage and current, and strive to satisfy customers with every product.
2. The design of the electronic circuit is reasonable, the wire insulation performance is good, safe and reliable.
3. The company has strong technical strength and can provide customers with matching solutions and product consultations, so as to avoid your worries.

1.The input line red is positive, connected to the capacitor battery or the positive pole of the power supply. The other one is connected to the negative pole.
2. WN series igniter input line can be connected freely regardless of the positive and negative poles.
3. The output end uses insulated high voltage wire. When using it, it is necessary to master the ignition distance to achieve the ignition effect.

1.Please do not use wet hands, do not use a damp cloth or water to clean, if it happens, use a hair dryer or the sun to dry before use.
two. Keep the product in a place where children can't easily touch it. It is strictly forbidden to use it in flammable and explosive places.
three. The DC igniter will affect the sparking effect after damp. Please dry it before use.
four. The output voltage of the high voltage package is high, please pay attention to safety when using.

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