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Director of national territory &housing administration in guangzhou to go out after exercise was taken away by four men

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

Li Junfu
the original title: Li Junfu go out in the evening after exercise taken away
the guangzhou city land resources and housing authority, the communist party Li Junfu suspicion of serious disciplinary violations are surveyed
on Tuesday night, the city commission for discipline inspection weibo 'integrity' guangzhou news: guangzhou city land resources and housing authority, party committee Li Junfu suspicion of serious disciplinary violations, at present, is undergoing investigation organization.
the reporter learns from the relevant sources, Li Junfu is in her apartment in the month was taken away by investigators. A source told reporters, on Tuesday night, Li Junfu in its WuMa day X tower is located in yuexiu district construction was taken away by investigators in the apartment, and lee's apartment in the top of the tower, is a much square metre penthouse. Day at night, the person has a neighbor found famous dress down stair man smoking in the stairwell, silent, seems to be waiting, neighbor informs building material tube, because the building belongs to high-grade residential area, normally there are few sundry to enter, neighbors on suspicious, but security personnel quickly respond to the neighbors, said the man was on duty, please don't mind their own business. He must have Around at night, when the neighbors heard Li Junfu with the man to speak loudly at the door in her apartment, a quite emotional, disturb the neighbors, but soon lee was taken.
also have another neighbor told reporters, about in the evening after seeing Li Junfu wear uniforms go out sport, for the sake of neighbors probably learned that lee's schedule more regular at ordinary times, usually in the evening go out sport, come back only to exercise or being taken away by investigators. Neighbors saw Li Junfu wear uniforms while being taken away.
reporter to search the relevant information, the old Li Junfu is yiyang, hunan province, graduated from graduate student, doctor of science. After his job since years, successively in guangdong general office, state-owned enterprises, villages and towns, as well as land, housing and construction department. Li Junfu used to work in guangzhou city bureau of land room canal for nine years, successively served as property cadastre and building is located in the head. Years later, he served as guangzhou expansion, director of the office.
Li Junfu really start career is after the wenchuan earthquake. In wenchuan after the earthquake, the guangzhou counterpart aid town of wenchuan county, Wisconsin state. Li Junfu as assistance to the front line team leader, vice secretary of guangzhou, guangzhou took two years to rebuilding after the wenchuan earthquake, Li Junfu as 'rebuilding wenchuan people' took office director of guangzhou city bureau of land room canal, and the housing office director in guangzhou.
  ( Guangzhou daily reporter Lin Honghao)
  【 Li Junfu resume 】
Li Junfu, male, han nationality, was born, yiyang city, hunan province, graduate, Ph. D, years to participate in the work, years to join the Chinese, the guangzhou city land resources and the housing authority, the party committee, the municipal housing office ( The municipal housing system office) , director of party committee, the municipal land requisition for office, city land development center director, party.
exergue, as guangzhou expansion, director of the office.
exergue, vice secretary of guangzhou, guangzhou rebuilding wenchuan county front line team leader.
years, guangzhou city, guangzhou city land resources and housing authority and housing, director of the office.
years, guangzhou city, guangzhou city land development center director of the office of the people's land requisition.
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