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Disposable lighters brand

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

a: the building Lord, due to the small items like this cost is low, so it leads to the limitations of wulin flow, so that only a small scale of this kind of goods brand concept, generally a brand is just in a city, or even a county town. So the brand concept is not obvious. Think about it. 。 。
a: cigarette lighters brand, general ZIPPO lighter is nice, windproof performance is very good, and durable. You want some high-end brand dunhill lighter, very expensive, ZIPPO lighters, of course, there are very expensive. People think this is good, you can go to consult some lighter website, such as the lighter. 。 。 $
a: turn the lighter quality is uneven, some can't type it broke, lighter testing standard is to require tens of thousands of times, but in accordance with this standard are generally exported to Europe and the United States, the domestic most does not conform to the standard, only a few brands can achieve. There is a lighter mass called fashion brand for men and women. 。 。
a: the world's top ten famous brand of cigarette lighters, S. T. Dupont is peng [ The French brand, eminent persons from all over the world supplies] , Givenchy Givenchy [ In France, a most can show character and temperament brand] Cartire, Cartier [ French brand, 'jeweler' famous brand] , Bic bick. 。 。
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