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Disposable lighters - The drunk arguing with a store owner lighter store - ground Advertising lighters

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

the drunk arguing with a store owner lighters, burn a store

this is xi 'an mingde door north of the gate, let here overnight into the scenes, it is for this years old this year, name of middle-aged men. More minutes at 9 o 'clock yesterday evening, suspect a drink and drunk here, only to hit a store light box, then a store owner and a heated argument happened, cast a in a pet store owner was pushed to the ground. Police moved in, the parties to the eastern road police station mediation.
police: 'through our police mediation, the two sides reached an understanding, around two o 'clock in the morning, the suspect a father will bring him back. '
the thinking of the matter is so in the past, but in the morning, a kill if own the resentful, walked to the front of the store, use disposable lighters lit a store door curtain, raging fire immediately filled the entire prefabricated houses.
police: 'three o 'clock in the morning we received a report to the police to the scene, the whole shop all covered by everyone, flame reach four floors so high, all the whole shop on fire. '
thanks to nearby residents emergency call, let s store boss escaped from the fire, only a little bit of injury on his foot, judgement, police suspect most likely is arguing with a store owner own the one, then immediately went to a place will he caught. In the eastern road police station, the suspect confessed for his actions.
the suspect ABU one: 'I accidentally drink many, not the middle door curtain, I also didn't mean to. '
police told reporters, one is from xi 'an, no good job, with a store owner previously don't know, because drank a catty of liquor, the mind a hot broke the law, caused a loss of more than ten thousand yuan. At present, the criminal suspect has been public security branch of wild goose tower control, case is still under further investigation.

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