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Division by outward processing assembly lighters at home to do manual labor

by:Tianwang     2020-07-17

 division lighter outward processing division manual live outgoing division division processing lighter outward processing craft processing division lighter division by outward processing outgoing division lighter division at home to do manual labor lighters joining
this unit is mainly engaged in manual labor outbound business, with the increasing competition in the market, in order to reduce costs, save resources, because business grows need, now, to the society sincerely a batch of units and individuals have ability of organization and management ability, and has certain economic foundation, suitable for family firms, small factories and large business, set up the surplus labor force around, you made my pin, product batch alternating knot, cash settlement, let you easily at home, no trouble back at home, wine is not afraid of deep alley, jiangsu manual labor outgoing is one of the largest outbound manual live units, jiangsu products in the industry by the consistent high praise, we warmly welcome your arrival, to join us again not to that wages under the boss's face, also will not be unable to work at home because of various reasons.
now Shanghai appeared a lot of cheater company, started to say is very good, price is low, processing fee is high, can do a few hundred dollars a day, also free of charge about the parts, and door-to-door delivery, door-to-door guidance, the door receiving, whole is that they are all the same, cjay let play or RMB deposit, and then send technical door-to-door guidance teacher, goods arrived to pay the balance, but when you pay the deposit, they will and logistics ( Is their own) Set, make the fake web site, can check the invoice number, and then tell you what goods to what place, let you give the rest to play again, and our operators is absolutely will not receive the goods, the real cod must see the goods, and payment for goods is handed over to logistics companies rather than put money into their personal account, so the customer must be field trips, for some of the so-called company with a liar.
but our outward processing live and they don't, you can visit, sign a contract from you trouble back at home, no longer for while. Choose us is to choose the good faith, is to choose a rich, so want to change in the life you dear friends, hurry to join our outward processing.
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