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'Do not demolition, intellectuals to eat what' of county thunder person meet bosom friend, This Mosaic) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Office officials said: journalists should report the people how to blackmail the government licensed building was razed to the ground by forced evictions has left a few wall are still standing after the villagers did not sign the compensation and resettlement agreement within prescribed time limit, housing demolition of changchun high-tech zone office investigator ( The original land bureau deputy director in the zone) Hong-yi wang ( The sound) In the face of reporters out shocking - — You should report people how to embarrass the government spite and blackmail the government in recent years, the country more official ray person emerge in endlessly, from the 2009 to speak for the party, or to speak for people? 'To this year's' is your party? 'And' you know feng shui or not? 'Have caused strong repercussions in the country. Yesterday, the reporter in the interview in changchun high-tech industrial development zone glorious village villagers PangHaiBin home demolitions, paddy field team of high-tech zone office investigator ( The original land bureau deputy director) Hong-yi wang ( The sound) Language has followed 'the tide' shocking: 'now the country about demolition are very disorderly, you should look for people's congress to discuss this problem. ', 'you should have reported how to develop in the zone and the common people is supposed to report to embarrass the government, spite, and blackmail the government, should be reported how people don't cooperate with demolition, influence move back room where the sticking! 'Villagers sad language a group of people with electric batons evictions as house demolition PangHaiBin deadline for villagers said, have since last year, paddy field team began to demolition, glorious village in 90% of the villagers have signed an agreement of demolition moving out, the remaining 20 house failed to reach an agreement with the developers. On October 27, they received the southern district of changchun high-tech zone demolition headquarters and changchun Gao Xinchao for housing demolition co. , LTD. Jointly issued the relocation notice within a time limit. Paddy field team must be stated in the notice: glory village in demolition before November 15, 2010, in order to ensure the objective of the demolition work smoothly completed, limit compensation and resettlement agreement within three days from the villagers and move on its own. PangHaiBin said, after receiving notice, they still haven't signed the agreement. Over the past year, the village has a lot of the villagers agreed to the demolition, but you only get a period room, no one shows a property address and time, move back room still no news, everyone feel unease. In addition, the resettlement to their dissatisfaction, if don't house, the compensation of 2450 yuan per square meter, if you want a house, besides can get the same area of housing, much to the area of the press to buy 3250 yuan/square meters. Pang's home in a dilemma, if don't house, the other party to the number of too little, and to the house, the in the mind of a property room entrepreneurs. 'I didn't think, their deadline day three was forced demolition countdown. 'PangHaiBin said. As houses have suffered a forced demolition yesterday afternoon, PangHaiBin houses have to only a few wall uneasily, stand on the mound. PangHaiBin said, because the house was broken water and electricity, they a nearby to rent a house to live, on October 31, 12 PM, researcher of high-tech zone office for hong-yi wang ( The sound) With changchun Gao Xinchao of housing demolition co. , LTD. , people came to the village, and bring a dig hook machine, including homes, house demolition. Forced demolition and electric batons pestle 'homeowners go ahead hong-yi wang, 30 for a lad in the back. 'Said PangHaiBin, electric batons, as a result of hong-yi wang worked as a high-tech zone land bureau deputy director, is currently the head of the demolition work, see dig hook machine is open house, he had been too late to stop, and he was ready to come forward to looking for hong-yi wang reasons things out, but at this moment, changchun Gao Xinchao of housing demolition co. , LTD. , a manager said' stop him ', that dozens of people don't walk behind by yourself, and some electricity pestle stick into your body, he could feel with electricity on the electric batons. PangHaiBin relatives, 'says ms zhang see PangHaiBin was smitten electric batons, they rushed up and support, and called 110, chaos, she saw a lot of those who have tattoos. She said, after the alarm, the more than 30 people to take a taxi immediately left the scene, and demolition of leaving office for the company. , who said he found PangHaiBin hong-yi wang, ask why will have the house demolition, and the king said they couldn't find the owner, have done a preservation, after asking preservation is what meaning, the other party didn't answer. Then, PangHaiBin to hospital for body check. Officials now ray chattering about demolition across the country have a mess, you should find people discuss this problem through inspection, PangHaiBin body no matter, but always think impassability, pang family said a room as houses with what forced demolition, find homeowners if the person says no, then why have negotiated many times before. If it is do to forced demolition demolition, those with electric batons and are what people? Yesterday afternoon, in the far distance in the demolition of an office, reporter saw the hong-yi wang. Told a reporter, after continuous asked, 'what do you want to report? Reported what topic? Want to know what the problem? 'Three problems, suggests that the reporters want to know about the glorious village of paddy field after demolition and compensation, the other side appears once many times. 'Now on demolition across the country have a mess, you should look for people to explore this question, not legislation, this is a people's congress (NPC), are you a reporter can understand it, study something else. 'He said.
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