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【 Do you have a beautiful 】 They set out on the eve of Lantern Festival - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
On February 7, six committee belong to who is in Beijing hospital, there are several hospitals across the country are fighters, have set off on the eve of the Lantern Festival, each big hospital sent than in previous batch of reinforcements to the wuhan team the larger medical team, got up and went to the front. Fudan university in Shanghai zhongshan hospital sent 30 doctors and 100 nurses in the medical team to the wuhan disease resistance front, logistics department, hospital overnight for medical workers to match neat supplies 'take money all give medical team to the'. Zhongshan hospital of fudan university medical team members and family farewell. Four sichuan, west China hospital of sichuan university, 131 medical team members to review medical students oath: 'I am determined to do their best in addition to the human suffering, help health is perfect, the maintenance of medical holy and glory! 'The kids in the photo call, his mother is a nurse at the west China hospital neurosurgery Chen yao, he was accompanied by her grandparents, send my mother on the front. Shandong qilu hospital of shandong university support wuhan medical team. The nurse Liu Xiao before to cut off his storage for 5 years long hair. At the wuhan tianhe airport, from qilu hospital and huaxi hospital two teams meet, each other. Together they will take over the east campus, wuhan university people's hospital. Two hospital's medical school, in west China dam combination education during the Anti-Japanese War, today, their medical team and stationed in wuhan, fighting side by side. South lake xiangya hospital, central south university hubei medical team to the third batch of support, is composed of 130 medical workers, on February 7th, wuhan. Wide east first affiliated hospital of zhongshan university, sun yat-sen memorial hospital, sun yat-sen university ( The second hospital affiliated to sun yat-sen university) , sun yat-sen university cancer prevention and control center, sent medical teams to go to wuhan to support. Logistics department night finishing materials for medical team members. In order to better protection, medical team players, was cut short hair, or shave baldheaded. The first affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university medical team in a ceremony to swear: 'medical healing cure heart, save salvation for national salvation. 'From three affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university medical team, muster. Ji Lin, the first hospital of jilin university assembled on February 7. Hospital staff medical team members off at the airport. Shaanxi xi 'an jiaotong university first affiliated hospital medical team, gathered hundreds of thousands of smart power, to wuhan.
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