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Does Tianwang enjoy high popularity?
Yes, Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. enjoys high popularity. We have various series of products which include high-level products and middle-level products, to meet the demand of different people. And we determine our price in accordance with our research surveys and our net cost. Thus, most of our customers can accept them. And the most important advantage for us is that the performance of our product is extremely fine, which can help the customers to save a lot of money. And we can provide a much better after-sell service. All those elements can improve the popularity of our brand.

Tianwang is a manufacturer of self defense tools occupying niches that combine strong competitive positions with a high level of market attractiveness. Tianwang produces a number of different product series, including stun gun. The design of Tianwang stun stick has many steps. They are rough-in carcass proportions, block in spatial relationships, assign overall dimensions, select design form, configure spaces, choose the construction method, design details & embellishments, color and finish, etc. When working, it produces a stable high frequency. The product is highly marketable in world markets and has high commercial value. The damage rate of the product is less than 1% within one year.

We are committed to consuming less, producing less waste, and reusing or recovering value from waste. During the production, the wastewater will be treated by advanced waste management facilities to reduce pollution.
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