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Domestic new police sniper rifle first open results: a crocodile - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Surging news reported on November 4th, on Oct. 30, zhejiang huzhou donglin town, a village villagers He Mou Wu Xing area to the police for help, according to our fish ponds in crocodile found a more than a metre long. Huzhou donglin Wu Xing district public security bureau police station 4 Hao Chu hao, director, told reporters that He Mou said more than 30 1 PM he patrol in their fish ponds, found the fish ponds was lying southeast corner a crocodile, about 30 meters away from him. When he approached, crocodile immediately went into the water. Called Shen Yanchun led police on duty of auxiliary police rushed to the scene not to be found in fish ponds crocodile. After the visit, police found that there is a crocodile farm, near the pond and a big pipe and crocodile field fence are interlinked, and there is a hole in a crocodile field fence, a crocodile should get out from this hole. Two special police sniper shot the crocodile in the middle of the brain 'Ming', crocodiles died on the spot. Is held by the hands of two special police because the price is as high as 260000 in the system, dubbed 260000 domestic new police sniper rifles, although the '260000' already seen, had with snipers to foreign competition in China for many times, however, in the public news first 'result', or the crocodile. This article images are @ China xinhua net matter figure 'October 30, civilian police to investigate, ask me if there is a crocodile escape, then I found that there is a crocodile, fled to the outside. 'Crocodile farm head hai-feng he tells a reporter, he raised more than 10000 crocodile, varieties are Siamese crocodile, namely' crocodile 'in Thailand, artificial breeding of this kind of crocodile is bad. 29, cleaning part crocodile pool farms, dozens of crocodile bunched together in the frightened, when the top crocodile may on the companion flee the body. Soon the breeder in aquaculture field found a crocodile, who escaped from after using electricity dizzy catch back. Thought there is no other crocodiles have escaped. Found a crocodile fish pond area of 23 acres, with tens of thousands of white stripes and wang sticklebacks, will pump water pond light catching crocodiles, electric batons, losses will be as high as hundreds of thousands of farmers, this method obviously impossible. If the netting, general net net not adult at all. After discuss, think the best way is to the crocodile killed, but police station of guns cannot long precise shot. In the end, the police station to swat team request support. The crocodile killed. October 31, special police sniper Shen Liqiang and Chen Mingming each with two high precision being rifles into the pond. Two people looking for a position, the diagonal, with a sniper rifle fishpond water search targets. But rainy for two days, but they have been in less than a crocodile. On November 2, the weather clears, 2 people again to the fish pond waiting, crocodile soon rose to the surface, ready to swim to the shore in the sunshine, good after two people communicate by position Shen Liqiang - is responsible for the shot - - - - - - More than 70 metres Shen Liqiang one gun is hit the crocodile in the middle of the brain 'Ming', crocodiles died on the spot. The crocodile measures about 1. 7 meters, weight 70 jins. 'I live let workers even meat with skin crocodile meat to the neighbors, with skin burn tasty, and tell you how sorry I am. I've put the farm fence to refit, later will not happen. 'Hai-feng he told reporters.
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