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don\'t use gu10 led with your 12v transformer

by:Tianwang     2020-06-12
My grandfather came home the other day with a beautiful new low voltage transformer and a GU10 LED.
He was happy to tell me that he had to install some plans for LED lights in the kitchen --
Of course, you can also save electricity by updating things.
Unfortunately, I had to tell him that he had better return that 12v transformer right away because it was not needed for his project. Why?
GU10 LED for power supply voltage!
My grandfather didn\'t know about it, but if he hadn\'t forgotten to wear glasses, he might have read about it on the box.
I feel sorry for the old man who has to travel to the store now (
Should stop his store before he buys something he doesn\'t need-shame on them! )
So I decided to clarify something for him about low voltage lighting, LED and bulb types.
In general, when you look at the LED bulb, you come across three types of information
Information about the type of base-
Gu, G, E, etc-
Information about the rated voltage, and finally information about the type of bulb or reflector.
Sometimes it\'s easy to mix these three together, so let me explain: a bulb described as GU10, MR16-
It is a light bulb with MR16 type reflector for power supply voltage.
If it\'s gu5.
3. It was originally used for low pressure.
The GU base has two pins inserted into the corresponding socket-
But the GU10 pin is bigger than the gu5.
3, so as not to confuse them accidentally. An E-
Well is the base-
Known threaded bases have been used on incandescent lamps for decades.
You can also buy an E27, MR16 bulb
Just to make things more confusing.
My grandfather looked a little tired after all this, but later he said it helped him.
I hope you can use it too.
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