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Dongguan sharp p DaLang town lane of an expanding head of primary school teachers - expanding activity Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Summer vacation, the students were at the time of holiday, the teacher is still hard to prepare next semester courses for the students, in order to let the teachers have a better chance to release his, electric batons, sharp police young training base in dongguan for DaLang town lane primary school head teachers to carry out a development activity. Climbing the teacher often encourages us to climb the don't know when the teacher met real climbing wall can challenge ourselves, scaling new heights? Hey hey, look! Teachers great them in the face of the wall is not a retreat in a foot climb up victory is in the jungle ahead through the teacher's career is a one foot around the platform, filled with the whole country in the development activities is not one of the ancient clever student teachers face but a road difficult levels believe that teachers will have the means to overcome the difficulties facing the lush forest even approached also appears very relaxed concentric drums concentric drums and drums bounce the ball - this is a predominantly team challenge project challenges our team learning and team cooperation ability to set goals and achieve goals need to teachers in a short period of time set plan if in a short period of time can't work out this game is doomed to fail in the game only teachers profoundly realize the significance of teamwork to let them in the later teaching can more vivid to teach students about what is 'team work' field characteristic of the former friends why 'knife Dijon meet'? The answer is that they are conducting field characteristic can usually serious serious teacher playing field characteristic of a second is return to childhood every adult once a child is only this time, they forgot where the tong zhen let them find the simple happiness could have built this is sharp police young training regiment charm power circle, we all know ants can weight 30 times their own weight every 'members' are like ants were hold great power and potential at the same time when each member in the front line from the front, there are a team circle in to help him share with everyone's cooperation quickly shake weight ring up and let the teachers feel the strength of a team
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