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DOTA2 wikipedia: skill is dc or ac - electric batons Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Why has it ever occurred to you, each hero skills will have corresponding effect? These effects in life can really achieve? Then let small make up from the view of science to interpret the mystery of the various skills of the hero for everyone. Players in the game already accustomed to the effect of the hero, a veteran hero's effect can be specific to the numerical, higher-end players can even completely intuitive to use the most reasonable skills release to play with rivals, tower under the limit 1 v5, electric batons, with deep. Has it ever occurred to you, however, the skills of the hero why will have corresponding effect? These effects in life can really achieve? Then let small make up from the view of science to interpret the mystery of the various skills of the hero for everyone. Certainly our world is the side of the world's science and technology, the pursuit of science, so we will not come from a mysterious side for reading skill. So back to the title of the article: lightning ghosts use skills to release in dota2 is dc or ac? This is going to speak of from the background of his. Dota2, of course, the hero is redefined the origin, and background have very big distinction in world of warcraft. The current focus of lightning ghosts - Razor, is the most representative in the market of wing of the terrible power. He whipped the lightning tour in the maze of narrow, this is a distinction between the dead soul maze, they want to rely on the wisdom of life, smart, and persistence to channel through which the vagaries of network. Razor floating above in the maze, looking down on the soul of those who lost back, with lightning lashes before they get into their fate decision, toward the export of light or dark hell. Razor dominant force is the embodiment of the eternal, his cruelty and objective when using power. But he aristocrat's imposing manner suggested that he could not satisfy the satire about his work. Through the description of the hero we can preliminary understanding electric batons as its title of 'ghosts' lightning is a master of manipulation of lightning. Lightning as our life often can see the weather has been known, strictly speaking is neither a direct current (dc), nor is it an alternating current. Either direct or alternating current (ac) must be sustainable, and lightning is a kind of electric current pulse. If stubbornly far-fetched lightning can be direct current, after all, the direction and size are fixed. But the problem is that so far? Of course not. Electric batons as playing with electric current, not only can control the nature of lightning. Electric batons skills F plasma field release wave power plasma field to ascend along with the expansion degree, contraction will hurt after the enemy. The farther the distance razor, the greater the damage. First there appeared a noun, a plasma. Popular point is the atomic heated by high temperature electron will be stripped away form the positive and negative ions, the material will be hair change in form, this state is distinguished from the solid liquid gas three states, called plasma. For example, is the state of the plasma flame plasma. Plasma under the material is similar to the nature of the gas, such as good liquidity and invasive. However, because of plasma particles are the basic component of ions and electrons, so it also has many differences in the nature of the gas, such as good conductivity, thermal conductivity. Lightning - temperature of 13000 degrees Celsius 28000 degrees Celsius, it is three - the sun's surface temperature 5 times, any molecule can easily ionization in the atmosphere, produce the desired plasma. Second 'field' in physics objects in space distribution of plasma field and there are a lot of the existence of the plasma area. Because the plasma of the material itself has good mobility and invasive, and with a charge, so the electric stick can be used very easily with current or electric current produced by the magnetic field on plasma constraint, he wants to achieve the shape of the formation, such as a circle. ( By the way, the Star Wars jedi lightsaber is obtained by this way, only the plasma constraints into a beam) To achieve such a fine degree of control of current, if only rough produce lightning is impossible, so presumably electric batons are actually can manipulate charge master. That is lightning ghosts can manipulate charge to stimulate various types of current, then look at some of his other skills: skills 2 c electrostatic connection when gathered in charge was formed when a certain object or surface electrostatic, and charge is divided into positive and negative two kinds, that is to say, there are two kinds of electrostatic phenomena which are static and negative electrostatic. When the static object contact zero potential ( Ground objects) Or with the object of potential difference will charge transfer, will form the discharge. Generally, of course, is the spark of a moment, potential difference and electric batons can keep this form a delicate balance of stable current. Although called static connection, but from the definition it is a kind of direct current.
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