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Double festival approaching, the luggage is not a train! Carefully before you start screening - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Double festival will come, anxious to return, again busy also stop the footsteps of your luggage ready to home decorate what? Can these items into a railway station or on board a train? Before you leave your baggage screening quickly single note liquor, wine, beer, rice wine, bulk wine, Such as bulk alcohol, home-made rice wine) Can't pass through security into the station. Normal manufacturer production of bottled, canned wine products (such as Unopened original packaging) You can carry. Pay attention to don't overweight. Drinks and the total weight of the passengers carrying luggage should not exceed 20 kilograms. Due to the restrictions around the station for alcohol is different, electric batons, you are advised to consult in advance. Note that charging treasure, unmanned aerial vehicles, electric wheelchair there common battery electric vehicle battery, car battery, etc. , this kind of product is prohibited. Dry cell, lithium battery and charging treasure can carry on the normal manufacturer production. For people with disabilities to use electric wheelchair can carry. Usually small drones can be carried. Don't within 500 meters along the high-speed flying drones! Pay attention to the cigarettes, lighters, electronic cigarettes, matches per passenger can carry up to 50 cigarette into a train, more than the number of must show proof of issued by the relevant departments to carry. Each passenger can only carry two ordinary lighters, 2 small box safety matches. Attention! Strike a light oil is prohibited. Emu all columns smoking, do not smoke in cars any premises, electronic cigarette also can not! Smoking can trigger a smoke alarm, the train runs slow down or emergency stop, consequence is very serious! In violation of regulations in addition to being given the corresponding punishment, will also be incorporated into railway faithless list of credit systems, and within a certain period of time limit for, don't have chances. To you and other passengers' safety and health, it is recommended that you also don't smoke, when to sd for family vacations first create a comfortable driving environment. Warning kitchen knife, knife, hammers are prohibited inside the dagger, triangular knife ( Including machining triangular scraper) , spring knife with self-locking device, and other similar single blade and double edged sword, controlled knives; Knives outside, would endanger the safety of passengers personal kitchen knife, knife, slaughter knives, axes, slashing, blunt; Batons, tear, tear, defibrillator, stun guns, gun nail gun, defense, bows, crossbows, and other appliances. People often ask electric wrench, screwdriver, electric drill, hammer, hammer, ice axe, also cannot carry clipper, etc. If necessary, please consult your local station in advance, you can deal with 'to door' shipping service, conform to the standard items on the spot, mail, convenient and quick. Early warning of sesame oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil clear of edible oil products can carry the sentence, but should be sealed packaging, safekeeping, to avoid environmental pollution train and bedding. Pay attention to the cosmetics, hair dye, and pesticide use perfume spray products should pay attention to, such as not in the narrow confined Spaces filled with smoke detector alarm system used in great quantities, such as a sink, toilet, etc. In order to safeguard the train operation safety, reduce unnecessary trouble, it is recommended that you do not use. Spray and hair gel, air fresheners and other articles carried by the flowing pressure vessel belongs to limited, only can carry no more than 120 ml of products. Attention! Product packaging on the capacity of annotation is the sole criterion for its capacity. More than 20 ml of nail polish is not allowed to carry on! Cleanser, shampoo, shower gel, liquid foundation, segregation frost, daily chemical products such as lipstick, mascara can be carried, be careful not to overweight. Liquid, powder and other chemical products in the case of baffling, passengers cannot carry a bus station. See here, if you still can't determine whether items can carry, suggest you consult local station in advance. After arrived at the station if found contraband bags were also don't try so hard, but please galcon relatives back to, or retained please friends to help get that day. Part of the high-speed introduced a convenient check-in service, you can send mail standard items on the spot. Known to forward!
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