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Double tenth a shopping festival of Chinese in America also buy to want to 'chop hand' - crazy Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
China overseas network on November 12 (Reuters) according to the United States, the world journal reported the American people can't escape & other; Chop hand section & throughout; 吗? Once upon a time, on November 11 & other; Double tenth throughout the &; Carnival has become China's shopping, as in the United States and other Black Friday & throughout; 。 Double tenth in the sales of this year, there are many Chinese of southern California. United States sealand tao are former Chinese people, the reverse shopping, now many Chinese usc also buy inexpensive goods back to the United States to China, and payment and transportation convenient completely is Chinese. Usc is easy to have a Chinese a few hours spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, rob to want to buy goods, also have said it before sleep. But others said, this is completely merchants made chop hand & other; Festival & throughout; 。 International students live in the caius that Ms. Tang, said she didn't go to bed at half past five in the morning 11, more than half a night contribution to China's chop hand section. She bought a lot of spiral lion powder, instant noodles, lunch meat, spicy needle mushroom, hot pot bed charge, old dopted mother chili sauce and other condiments, and his childhood love of coconut juice, jintang fat used yellow pepper sauce, these seemingly is a little thing, to spend a lot of money, also conveniently bought two pairs of shoes, and freight almost spent more than $800, estimates that two weeks will be able to send to south Carolina. Miss tang said, she buy things dizzy, afterwards just know, the Chinese made lunch meat containing meat food, such as not into the United States, can only wait for goods to the transfer station to find a way to return money. Everyone be & other; Chop hand section & throughout; , in the circle of friends. ( The United States 'world journal'/zhang hong photography) Asked why must buy in China, she said, the Chinese chop with handle gently car, and I heard that in China to buy cheaper, so he took a few hours to satisfy the desire for shopping, feel, and Chinese compatriots have topic between friends. Regular consumption of more than $1000 of Chinese clothing shoes, she said in dismay, mathematics is bad person really is not suitable for playing double tenth, how to buy, how to discount section cut hand. Grab yourself but mainland China consumers, a lot of discount a lot of items, be prepared early netizens snapped up, to compensate for himself, and she bought many clothes, such as shoes dress shirt, spent more than $1000, can't see the next month's bill. Actually to calm down, electric batons, miss li, perhaps do not want to buy at ordinary times, but in this day would like to buy. Double tenth one now just like the Chinese New Year's day, the businessman one even sent & other; Overseas & throughout; SMS, no matter what the content of the application are open double tenth a, where you can see double tenth a buy buy buy signal, after buying often regret, so that some netizens spit worse, double tenth most of the discount is his own hand. Miss wang is a fan of hanfu, their good group in China have a special freight station at ordinary times, all of you to buy enough how much jins can pack into the United States, a kilo of freight but 30 yuan renminbi, the double tenth also have a lot of hanfu and accessories discount, friends are very awesome bought adequate weight quickly, she should be before the end of the month will be able to receive packages from China. For shopping crazy is sent, she said, buy her is she has strength, wish can, and pay the bills after feel better. Double tenth a pervasive promotions products, whether it's physical goods, restaurants and shops, even the weibo members such virtual product at half price. Chinese Chang Xiaojie said, even in far-away of the United States, but the network is interlinked, as long as you use the Chinese related services, would like to eat Chinese food, can't not cut the hand, this is the charm of double tenth terrible. In China sea, the corresponding supporting transport system, transport system, payment system can let us Chinese unobstructed along shopping, than in the United States overseas online shopping is more convenient and quick, usually two or three days to transfer station, transfer station and then sent to the United States for a week, don't like us to send back to China, to a few weeks or even months to get to the, or the United States overseas online shopping can brush card. Instead, compared with shopping in China, the United States now is backward. ( Zhang hong) The original title: double tenth also crazy buy a Chinese in America think & other; Chop the hand & throughout; Sigh a terrible magic
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