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drug dealers hand out business cards with free samples and lighters to students during freshers week

by:Tianwang     2020-06-15
Drug dealers distribute business cards with free samples and lighters to students during the freshman week.
Several cards with phone numbers, company names and business hours are scattered across the streets of Manchester to attract newcomers.
The students said they were approached in the farrowfield area near the main entrance of the Owens\' Park residence hall.
After the young man arrived at the new week, they also received a lighter.
One student claimed that some dealers even distributed \"free weed samples\" and their phone numbers.
Police say they know criminals are hunting down \"potentially vulnerable\" students and that police are working hard to crack down on drug trafficking in the area.
A local person referred to this practice as a \"disguise\" and said that there would be no idea for parents to send their children to college.
She said: \"This weekend, I have found eight drug cards in farlowfield.
It\'s disgusting that dealers target new students.
Most parents don\'t know how to send their children to college.
The cards were mainly found in the shop opposite the residence hall at Owenses Park.
Several students reported similar activities on social media.
A woman wrote on Twitter: \"The dealer issues business cards.
Only in farrowfield.
Another netizen commented: \"Yesterday, I walked around farofield and there were three drug dealers who were handed out business cards and free lighters.
Another resident said dealers were also handing out lighters to students.
He wrote: \"The dealers at fallowfield re-started the free lighter hype on their numbers.
A woman said that \"free weed samples\" were still being distributed, and she commented: \"dealers in Manchester are now distributing free weed samples in the bags for an amount equal to Fallowfield.
In 2015, similar activities took place near Owens\' Park in farrowfield.
In the fall of the same year, residents reported
Facing Drug dealers who distribute business cards to potential customers.
An image of such a business card shared on social media also has a sample that looks like marijuana attached to a small, transparent plastic bag.
The cards will be further studied, police said at the time.
Following the latest report on the fallofield drug deal in September, Dave Pester, head of GMP Manchester City Division, said: As part of the student safety action, we have increased patrols throughout the region.
It includes a targeted initiative aimed at identifying drug dealers that we know are hunting down our students who may already be vulnerable in a new environment.
We know that business cards have been used in the past and we will look into this issue further.
I would like to take this opportunity to advise those students who have recently arrived in the city to keep them safe when they are out.
Our website has a series of security videos covering all areas of crime.
\"The city is full of new experiences and we want everyone to enjoy their time here, however, we want to make it clear that we will not tolerate drug trade or drug use in the city, our officials on the ground will take action.
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