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Dupont lighter inflatable

by:Tianwang     2020-07-17

a: since you afford all peng you should know all luxury goods need to continue spending. See you said the article, it is not supporting with special gas filling; Peng has special supporting gas; The size is small an eye potion. One-time aeration; Is with air mouth that tommy in automatic air; A gas. 。 。
a: don't be difficult to identify, ha ha, origin knows, zhejiang. Let me tell you what reason. Peng trademark aside. In the first row, Paris. Well, fashion capital. The second line, production of France. The third line, French, don't understand, the last word must be Chinese, is probably said Chinese painting? Do you want to. 。 。
a: you said this kind of situation, appeared in the shanzhai, real peng is the copper tank, won't appear only the plastic tank leakage phenomenon. To determine the real standard ( zippo x =dupontx ) This is the rough value in value if not meet this standard, such as mostly shanzhai, no. 。 。
a:. The lighter - Peng. Peng from years of producing all kinds of leather workshop, to the early years of the nineteenth century peng began to make lighter, its trademark is S. T. Dupont。 Now all peng is more rich and grade. Dupont, for example, some models of lighters of K gold or silver, adornment method with machine. 。 。
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