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Dupont lighter inflatable?

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

how inflatable?
first inflatable before need to put the pressure inside the machine, no matter whether there is steam needs to be put inside the machine, keep the lighter without heat. Besides, gas filling it is better to hot water before you increase the pressure of the gas is large enough. Here is the gas a spin into a lighter inflatable nozzle. After tightening the lighter super, holding gas gently shake can, normally within seconds can be put the lighter is full of.
specific steps: dupont lighter inflatable tank air flushing mouth with screw thread, inflatable mouth on the lower part of the body, after tightening, automatically inflatable, you just need to see whether the gas in the tank after filling, then turn off tanks. In addition to see the gas in the tank is filled out, you can see from the side.
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