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Dupont lighter's official website

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

a: as far as I know peng is no price tag is more than five thousand, you go to the website contrast, also, a careful look at the lighter at the bottom of the lettering, if it is the time to do the lighter you cast up feel that should not be true, the real thing at the bottom of the lettering is a machine to do make up after, not too tidy, word the edge of the metal one. 。 。
a: identification is very simple, if you are a layman, give you a two appraisal methods; ( ) Screw on the gas screw nut, and see if one is ever on the inside. 。 。 And, of course, do really nut can be used as the man who in false dupont lighters, so they must be combined with the second method below. 2. Look at the bottom. 。 。
a: at present, there are many kinds of dupont lighter version, with the French version, version, Italian version, version, version. In the domestic price lowest (except Generally no higher than yuan, made of plastic machine) All the other version price range from $to $is copper movement. Price is the highest. 。 。
a: dupont transceiver in WuLiuQian to ten thousand, such as high-end machine is typically more than two hundred thousand, low-end machine ( Wind series) Small yuan, large yuan, limited edition is not seek, unless you are willing to part with or use to buy without a discount is very was limited, if buy discount it is difficult to buy a limited edition, dunhill. 。 。
a: peng of the cigarette lighter is made of pure hand-made, limited edition, directly imported from France, two sides each set with diamonds, with rare metal palladium gold as a whole. Most instrument is the world's only only, as it happens and lighter body equal number of diamonds, China got the only, only. 。 。
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