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Electric batons is through what principle stun criminals - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
I've always wanted to know why when electric batons doesn't look like any electrical gun function is much less why call it. On the other hand, the appearance of the Taser equipment and handling like pistol, can launch two point within short distances, but I think I have never heard of someone called electric batons. Yes, both of which can transfer non-lethal ultra-high voltage electric shock to destroy targets, each platform seems to be the only difference is they pass between the method of electric shock. However, for self-defense, enough? If you want to learn more, please read on. Electron gun weapon work how to refer to any electronic equipment manual, we often see & other; V & throughout; And & other Ampere & throughout; Two words. V as a unit of measure in the electronics is a very difficult concept, particularly for those without electronics background. I know I have a few problems when I was in high school. In order to avoid all trouble, let's make a metaphor. Imagine between point A and point B of A railway track. At point A, there is an unlimited number of railcar, A worker is obliged to push them from point A to point B, until he was tired, then he will continue pushing A cart by another name instead of workers. This work every time for the car from A to B to encounter A big plate, in the middle of A track, if the boss want anyone to work to stop to push the car down to orbit, then somewhere in the orbit and A wheel stop he need to do is to activate the wheels stop. Applying this simplistic analogy to the working principle of the electric shock device of railway is the circuit. Wheel gear is the on/off switch is controlled by the boss, the boss is to control the electric shock device. Push cart workers is the battery, the points on the equipment A is negative, the point B is the anode. Push the frequency of the rail car is amperes ( Per unit of time to complete the work,) its unit of measure is the ampere. 。 Can complete all the work of rail cars, and now we call it & other; Coulomb & throughout; Energy and workers, now, we called it & other; Throughout the joule &; 。 Finally, the steel plate is the goal of the task, that is, get an electric shock. V as a unit of measure, defined as per the coulomb ( Cart) Joule ( Energy) 。 In the above analogy, need a battery ( Workers) To push the cart to point A and point B ( Two pins on equipment) Collision between steel ( Target) 。 When the boss ( Carrying equipment) Disable the wheel stop ( Push the switch) When assuming everything is normal, the work ( To the target voltage) To complete. On average, the body can produce 10 to 100 mv voltage. Our nervous system works by neurons or carry electrical impulses of the nerve cells communicate with each other by sending a signal, and the use of chemicals called neurotransmitters (move it through synapses The gap between the neurons) 。 Conduct signals through the spinal cord from the brain to the body. For example, if you burn your fingers, neurons send signals to the brain, it will interpret the pain as burning sensation. It is important to note that in any electronic control equipment ( ECD) Not too much, the size of the voltage, and current ( Amperage) Is important. Applied voltage can only make a specific device effectively wear clothes, but the frequency of the applied voltage can cause disability. To get a better look at things, and can provide many amperes of current indefinitely 110 v socket on the wall will lead to someone being burnt toast. 50000 v Taser equipment can only provide approximately 4 ma (in a few seconds, Only a quarter of the ampere) In the current. Even with a high voltage, endless amperes will not kill the target.
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